American hockey team reminiscent of miracle on ice

The US hockey team made a mark with a 3-2 victory over their Russian rivals in the group stage.

Striker T. J. Oshie scored the decisive point in the shootout after the two teams drew 2-2 in three rounds.

This victory helped the US team to surpass Russia itself to lead Group A. The US had 8 points after 3 wins, 3 points more than Russia.

The dramatic chase at the Bolshoy Gymnasium reminds of the glorious moment of the US team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. The USA team consisted of amateur players and members of several universities defeated the number one candidate for the championship was the Soviet Union with a score of 4-3. Legendary coach Herb Brooks and his students later defeated Finland to win the gold medal.

With the circular format at the time, the Soviet Union won silver for winning against Sweden. However, this is considered one of the biggest failures of the birch country hockey team in the Winter Olympics. Earlier, the Soviet Union won 6 gold medals in the 7 Winter Olympics held. The famous journalist who studied the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Vladimir Pozner once said: “If the Soviet Union did not win the gold hockey, the Olympics no longer matter to them.”

The difference in force correlation before the game added to the surprise of the US victory, to the point that experts simultaneously called this match the miracle on ice.

Sports Illustrated chose miracles on the ice as one of the most impressive moments of 20th-century sports. Whereas the World Hockey League chose this to be the most memorable story of hockey last century.

The Soviet Union continued to maintain its number one position in hockey until it disbanded in 1991. They did not lose any matches in the world championships until 1985 and did not lose to the United States until 1991.