Amy Tran: Pride of American hockey team

At the World Cup held in Spain last year, Amy Tran won the title of the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Currently, she and the US team are actively preparing for the dream tournament – 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

High forehead, wide smile and tanned skin, Amy Tran has the tough appearance of a sports athlete. Looking at the female goalkeeper with the number 25 playing enthusiastically on the pitch with the swinging of the opponent, full of concentration and fierce, many spectators, especially female fans, cheered her on. They shouted Amy’s name from the stands, showing their absolute pride and trust in the player.

Amy Tran was born on October 2, 1980, in the capital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States. In 2002, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of North Carolina and now resides in the city of Grantville.

Ever since she was studying under a high school named Northern Lebanon, Amy Tran was soon conquered by hockey. In fact, Pennsylvania, known as Hershey, is home to one of the first hockey teams to appear at the AHL American Hockey League. Outstanding in her goalkeeping role, Amy has been called up to the national under-20 team since 1999. Shortly after, she was called up to the under-21 team, then the U.23. Since 2001, Amy has been an integral pillar of the US national team.

It can be said that the achievements of Amy Tran today are thanks to the professional training platform in the team of the University of North Carolina. There are two special things that need to be said about hockey in North America. Firstly, most talents are discovered and selected from the school system. Second, hockey has long been considered a popular sport for women, not just for men. Amy Tran had no trouble with her family when she decided to become a professional hockey player.

Hockey fans in the United States have not yet forgotten Amy Tran’s great contribution to helping the United States win the 6th place in the World Cup rankings held in Madrid, Spain in October last year. This is the third time the US team has reached the top 6 teams in the world since joining the tournament since 1983. The 6th place is also the highest position that the US team has achieved in the past 12 years.

Recalling the golden moments at the 2006 World Cup, Amy Tran could not forget the ecstatic emotions when she competed in a brainstorming match against Germany, the team that won the 2004 Olympic gold medal. The USA team won. Germany with a close score of 1-0. In this match, Amy successfully saved a series of finishes from the opponent, the most important of which was the save of the skillful ball in the 11th minute. In addition, she also successfully saved 2 consecutive penalties followed by famous player Fanny Rinne in the 51st and 52nd minutes of the match. Amy was also considered a savior of the American team in the previous two matches.