Interesting facts of ice hockey (Part 3)

The original Stanley Cup was initially over 20 cm high with names of winning team players written on the base of the cup. That’s why there was a need for lot bigger cup, making the current base approximately 80 cm high.
The team who has won Stanley Cups the most is Montreal Canadians with 23 Stanley Cups. The second team is Toronto Maple Leafs with only 13 cups. Until 1959, goalie doesn’t wear any face mask for the protection until flying puck broke the nose of the goalie of Montreal Canadians, Jacques Plante. Since then; he began to wear the mask and made it as a tradition. Nowadays the face mask become a vital part of goalies uniform.
Two ice hockey players who are believed to be the greatest of all time – Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy were born on the same day despite their birthplaces were situated about 200 km apart. Such an odd coincidence.
There are twelve woman name written on the Stanley Cup, but none of them were players but team owners and executives.

The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, Canada. He was the 1892 Governor General who purchased the decorative cup in London then donated it to award Canada’s top amateur hockey club. Thanks to this action, he and his family became infatuated with the sport at Montreal’s Winter Carnival. The cup was first awarded to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association in 1893.

Interesting facts of ice hockey (Part 1)

Ice hockey is a very ancient and famous sport, it is obvious there are some interesting facts and legends accompany this game and its players. This article contains the most interesting facts about the game of ice hockey.

The origins of ice hockey is unclear until this day. Different from other popular sports, there are various versions and assumption of origins of ice hockey and history of modern ice hockey. There are people believes that it origins from Europe; however others believes that Europeans were inspired by Native Americans. Also there is version claimed that as none of the games played before 1800s; hence, it can’t be considered as the ancestor of modern ice hockey.
The first game of ice hockey was organized  in 1875 in Montreal, Canada with only two teams of nine players each taking part in this competition and they were students from the same university.
Until today, Canada is regarded as the birthplace and home of ice hockey. The Hockey Hall of Fame is situated in Toronto, Canada. Also many world famous hockey players come from Canada. Although nowadays many other countries have improved their ranking and their ability in ice hockey, Canada is still the world leader.
Since 1914 the most prestigious achievement in professional hockey game is the Stanly Cup which has been organized and awarded every year, except two years of 1919 and 2005. In 1919 it was cancelled due to the epidemic of Spanish flu, which also affected the players of Montreal Canadian team. In 2005 the season was simply cancelled.

There are lots of accidents in Stanly Cup such as one time, the cup was accidentally left by the side of the road or being thrown into a swimming pool and even being lost in an airport. Despite all of that, the cup is still honored as a prestigious award of the best hockey team.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Hockey Gear

With the holidays are coming, new hockey equipment is a must-have on many players’ gift lists. Although it is great to test brand new hockey gear, it’s even better to keep it “new” as long as possible. So, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to keep your hockey gear in the best possible shape…

Dry the Funky Gear

Hockey players understand that, after a competition or practice, hockey equipment get sweaty, damp and smelly. Leaving the gear wet in a hockey bag would ruin then as it never really dries out properly allowing bacteria to grow and  damage the equipment as well as expose players to skin infections and rashes.

So, try to dry the gear after every game simply by laying out the gear or, investing in a hockey equipment drying rack or even building your own with some plastic pipe. Learn How to Make a Hockey Gear Stand on YouTube. If you want to speed up the process, add a fan or dehumidifier.

Cleaning and Deodorizing Your Hockey Equipment

Pro Hockey Players have cleaning systems that really do a great job of reducing bacteria and odour. If you are playing a few times a week, it is best to invest in a cleaning treatment. In case you don’t play often, get in the habit of doing a deep clean twice a season.

In between cleaning treatments, use a deodorizing spray to kill the bacteria.

Don’t Let Your Hockey Skates Lose Their Edge

Hockey skates are one of the most expensive and hard to preserve equipment so it’s critical to protect them with proper skate maintenance kit as it require careful maintenance to ensure maximum performance. A skate sharpening facility will make sure you get the right cut.

Now you know how to protect your gear without much effort and big investment. We hope you enjoy diving in the world of hockey playing.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (part 3)

5.) Czech Extraliga (Tipsport Extraliga)

The Czech Extraliga is one of the most fierceful professional ice hockey leagues in Europe and is currently rated by the IIHF as the third strongest and popular ice hockey league in Europe. The league was also established in 1993 and the Czech’s have a lot to offer for in terms of talent contributed to the NHL.

Players from the Czech Republic work their way to the NHL every year and many of those players have had opportunity at playing in the Czech Extraliga. There are currently 50-plus Czech players in the National Hockey League including Thomas Hertl, Vladimir Sobotka and Pavel Zacha playing for NHL rosters, it is obvious that the Czech Republic and the Czech Extraliga is home for nurturing talented all-around hockey players.

4.) SM-liiga

Finland’s top professional ice-hockey league is SM-liiga, and considered by the IIHF as the second popular league in Europe. Hockey’s popularity in Finland has rapidly growth at the international level with viewership, support, and the level of hockey play. In the 2014 Olympic games in Soichi, Russia, Finland won the bronze medal, defeated the US squad with the final result 5-0.

The SM-liiga has been growing since it took over hockey responsibilities in Finland from the SM-sarja in 1975 by churning out NHL-caliber talent. The Finnish league is consists of 14 teams that compete for one of ten playoff position in a span of 60 regular season games, with the best six teams entering the quarter-final stage. The Czech Extraliga and SM-liiga use the same format as the 7th-10th teams compete with each other for an opportunity to compete with one of the 6 quarter-final contestants.

The SM-liiga also contributes a considerable number of stars players to the NHL and some of Finland’s most highly talents such as Mikael Granlund and Teemu Pulkkinen. Talented NHLers such as Aleksander Barkov, Sami Vatanen and Rasmus Ristolainen are all nurtured by the SM-liiga and the future of the league is as bright as ever since it keeps nurturing such amazing stars.

Putin’s hockey team wins big on Red Square

The hockey team of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu won 8-5 in a match on Wednesday night, December 25, on Red Square (Moscow).

Putin’s teammates are Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, veterans and former athletes who participated in the North American National Hockey League (NHL) such as Pavel Bure, Valeri Kamensky, Sergei Fedorov, Alexei Kasatonov.

Putin’s opponents are dressed in white, including Governor Tula – Alexei Dyumin, businessman Gennady Timchenko, Vladimir Potanin, Roman Rotenberg, jazz saxophonist Igor Butman, Governor of Moscow – Andrei Vorobyev.

At the end of the match, Putin’s team won an overwhelming 8-5 victory. In particular, more than half of the goals scored by the Russian President.

During the half-time break, Putin leisurely drank tea. At the end of the match, he took a souvenir photo with the players on both teams.

Night hockey was established a few years ago on the initiative of Russian President Putin.

Accordingly, hockey enthusiasts will gather at the ice rink in their free time, usually late at night, to relieve stress.

The Russian leader first appeared in an ice hockey match in 2012, just hours after taking office.

Since then, Putin has participated in the tournament every year. The most recent match of the Russian President took place on December 29, 2018, on Red Square. In it, Putin scored an opening goal to help his team win 14-10 before the opponent.

In an interview with American director Oliver Stone in 2017, President Putin joked that he wanted to become an ice hockey player after the end of his term.

The 65-year-old president said he started to learn to skate five years ago and was able to play hockey. However, the beginning time was very difficult because he could not even stand on skates.

“I want to participate in a professional hockey tournament when I am less responsible for the current affairs,” Putin said during a meeting with some famous people in Kazan, the capital of The Republic of Tatarstan belongs to Russia.

The Russian leader also admitted that he had a lot of work to do, so he could not wholeheartedly pursue his passion for the sport.

President Putin has long admired many people not only as a talented politician but also as a person who is very good at sports and the only president in the world who has the title and rank of all three leading martial arts.

Explore some interesting things about hockey

The sport of rollerblading has been present in the world for a long time and became a favorite passion for many young people.

Especially among the types of rollerblading, Hockey is a genre that attracts a lot of people because it shows the fighting ability and teamwork when participating.

Hokey is a fighting sport that not only requires players to have ingenuity and perseverance when practicing but also requires teamwork and tactics during competition.

You can imagine that Hokey is similar to football, there will be 2 teams using sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal but all members must wear skates to move. Hokey is very similar to hockey, but Hokey’s terrain is not ice skating rinks but wide, flat playgrounds and roller skates.

Participants must ensure full protection on their faces: Helmets with face-shields, full-body protective gear, clothing, canes, balls, and subjects. When participating in this game, you will have your own unique techniques and tactics.

First of all, as you know to play any type of rollerblading we need a pair of quality shoes as well as suitable for the type we have chosen. On the market today, there are many reputable and quality roller skate companies you should consider and learn carefully before buying to own a sturdy pair of shoes, providing safety and efficiency when playing.

After choosing a quality shoe, you must pay attention to safety when playing patin. Make sure before joining Hokey training or competition you must have a full helmet with a face shield to avoid sticks or balls hit the face, body protection kit, pads, hands, feet, gloves, elbow.

Not anyone who is proficient in patin can join the hokey genre right away because this is the type that needs quick movement, accurate polishing and sharp eyes to pass the ball to teammates. It’s not just the use of a foot like regular rollerblading, it also has to be combined with both hands and eyes so you need to practice patience, careful if you want to participate and play this genre professionally.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (Part 3)

Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)

The DEL was established in 1994-1995 and was consisted of teams from the Ice Hockey Bundesliga’s first and second division. In the early day, the league received controversies as many teams were heavily in debt and some clubs were required to fold. Furthermore, rulings by the European Court of Justice allowed players to move quite frequently between teams and attendance numbers declined sharply at the turn of the new millennium.

However, the league regained its popularity as it got an influx of NHL players during the 2004-2005 and re-applied the use of the relegation system to put more emphasis on plays in the second division of the Ice Hockey’s Bundesliga. Since the 2001-2002 season, championship play has been under controlled by Eisbaren Berlin as they achieved 5 championships in 10 years. In recent years, the EHC Red Bull Munchen have fought their way to the top of the league, achieving three straight championships.

While the DEL is still working on marking its footprint in the hockey landscape, it’s difficult not to like German hockey. As we found in their unexpected turn to the Silver Medal in the 2018 Olympics, Germany is developing a strong and passionate fan base with the ability of competing with the best teams in the world.

National League A (NLA)

The National League A (NLA) is based in Switzerland It is the top tier of the Swiss hockey league, with the best attendance figures for European hockey clubs in 2016-17, thanks to its spacious (17,131 capacity) stadium with the capacity of averaged 16,399 spectators each game.

The NLA has 12 teams that make up a total of 50 games in a season, after which the top eight teams are selected for the playoffs. The bottom four teams are set into a consolation bracket of sorts and the leading team from the National League B is given an opportunity to vie for NLA inclusion.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (Part 2)


Over the last decade, NCAA hockey has become a top choice development path for hockey players to take to the NHL. 

A record of over 300 former college players skated in the NHL in 2016-17, accounted for 32% of the league increased from just 20% at the turn of the century.

This significant growth represents a change in how both players and teams are perceived and utilizing the NCAA as a pathway to get to the NHL. For teams, they can grant a promise but somewhat each player who is wishing to head to the NCAA receiving up to four years of essentially free growth. For players, they can learn to got degree and master their game before reaching the AHL or NHL with a physical and maturity level of advantages over their counterparts. Given its advantages, it’s no surprise that so many players from all over the global prefer utilizing the NCAA as their route to become professional hockey players.

NCAA Frozen Four

The Frozen Four is not only the NCAA championship game, but also the stage for many future NHL players to show off their excellent skills. 

There are countless number of former NCAA players currently in the NHL, but here are a few honorable mention just to give you an idea of how impactful the league has been over the last few years. They are Jack Eichel, Jonathan Toews, Nick Bjugstad, Johnny Gaudreau and Duncan Keith. This impressive list of alumni is growing, proving that the future of hockey in the NCAA is bright than ever, with both players and the NHL loving the results.

American Hockey League (AHL)

The American Hockey League is considered as the last stop for a developing talent before being call-up by an NHL.

Oftentimes, NHL teams will make the decision whether or not a prospect is ready for the big leagues after they have competed in a certain amount of international play or within a North American league. This allows many AHL teams to become host to some of the most talented young players of the world who are dreaming of breaking into the NHL.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (Part 1)

Do you know if there are hockey leagues that dominated the NHL in terms of talent, viewership, and fan-base? Well, if you do, then this sport should be just for you.

It is commonly known that players from around the world gather to the NHL for a chance to get the Lord Stanley’s Cup and play to shine on the biggest possibly hockey leagues around North America. However, hockey is not a single event that is exclusive solely to North America as there are many European leagues such as the SEL, KHL, and SM-liiga proves that they are quite advanced at developing talented hockey players that can play successfully at any level.

In this post, you might find a breakdown of the top best hockey leagues around the world:

Ontario Hockey League (OHL)

The Ontario Hockey League is popular, much like the QL and WHL, for nurturing some amazing talent that has a enormous impact at the NHL level. Players such as Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, and John Tavares have all played in the OHL stage and made their reputations in the NHL.

Robert Thomas played for the Hamilton Bulldogs as he got the Wayne Gretzky 99 Award as the MVP of the OHL playoffs. While the OHL has 68 games scheduled for 20 teams, the league has done a wonderful job of scheduling games that compete mostly from Thursday till weekend. Since the majority of hockey players taking part in the OHL are aged 15-20, there are possibilities of some scheduling conflicts with ones are in school. However, don’t even think that some of these teenage players still have to attend school, they have clear schedule to make room to constantly improve their hockey game.

The OHL consistently nurtures players that are all-around skilled and level players. While leagues such as the QMJHL is well-known for producing offensive superstars, the OHL seems to produce players that are completely well-rounded. Even though the three major junior hockey leagues is not similar in terms of their respective styles, each has consistently nurtured a plethora of talent for NHL teams around North America.

Ice Hockey vs. Field Hockey

It is not hard to determine the major differences between ice hockey and field hockey which is the surface on which the games are organized. The differences, however, go beyond the ground surface which may not be clear even to the uninitiated hockey fan.

Origins. The Loudon Field Hockey Association claims the origins of field hockey dated back 4,000 years, due to evidences from drawings on an ancient tomb in the Nile Valley. In which, ancient Aztecs, Greeks and Romans played similar forms of field hockey. The modern version came to popularity in the mid-19th century in Great Britain with the first international competition took place in 1895. The first official ice hockey rules were recorded on the other side of the Atlantic in Montreal in 1877, with the first official league was not established until over a decade later.

Participants. Ice hockey consist of six players per team at a time: three forwards, two defensemen and a goalie while field hockey allows up to 11 players to compete: five forwards, three halves, two backs and a goalie, depending on the level of play and coaching strategy. Field hockey is played in more than 70 countries around the world but unable to compare with the popularity of ice hockey.

Equipment. The basic objective of both game is the same as hitting an object into the opponent’s net. However, the equipment to shoot the object, the object itself and the nets, are different. A field hockey goal made of two 7-foot high posts spaced 12 feet wide while an ice hockey goal is 4 feet high and 6 feet apart. Field hockey strikes a ball while ice hockey hits a puck by curved sticks of differing strength. Due to the physical element in ice such as body checking, ice hockey players wear much more equipment. The hardness of an ice hockey surface, puck and the rapid speed involved with ice skates over shoes make ice hockey a faster-paced sport.

Time and place. An ice hockey game last 60-minute of 3 matches and is organized on an ice-covered surface of varying sizes while a field hockey game match has two 35-minute halves and is organized on a 60-by-100-yard grass field.