What opportunities for hockey in China

In addition to traditional strengths such as badminton, table tennis, Chinese sports are currently booming as a promising market – one of them is hockey. In addition to Bettman, a billionaire of hockey village, there are two other stars: Kobe Bryant of football’s basketball and David Beckham.

In September, Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings will meet in Beijing and Shanghai for friendly matches. This is the first promotional step that Mr. Bettman calls “the official launch for what we hope will be a long-term and successful partnership between the two tournaments, between our teams, between partners in accelerating the development of hockey in China “.

March 30 is considered a milestone for the national hockey championship (NHL – USA), when billionaire Gary Bettman officially brought it to China, in an effort to expand the influence of the sport. this to the most populous market in the world.

China now, after years of resonating in the Olympics, has stepped back with its poor performance compared to itself in 2016 in Brazil. Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to call for investment in Chinese sports development. In addition to traditional strengths such as badminton, table tennis, Chinese sports are currently booming as promising markets. The actual hockey followed many strange subjects with mainland people like basketball, rugby, baseball … about approaching China.

NHL is currently watching the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022 as a great opportunity to explode in the Chinese market, similar to what they did with Japan in 1998, 2006 in Italy or 2014 in Russia.

The difficulty will be huge for Bettman this time, because the current “sports” piece of Chinese sports is almost torn from the competition of many other subjects. With a new discipline like this, the process of preparing coaches and athletes will not be simple. In addition, the most important thing is to receive support from businesses, governments and even Chinese famous athletes.

The Russian hockey team defeated the German team

The Russian hockey team won the Olympic gold medal of the Olympics at Pyeongchang, defeating the German team in the extra time of the final.

At the Winter Olympics hockey is the most exciting subject and it is similarly interested in football in the summer olympics game. In a tournament where Russian teams were banned from doping, Russian athletes brought the fans joy by crowned at hockey.

Thus, the silver medal went into the hands of the German national team, and the bronze medal for the Canadian team took third place after beating the Czech national team (6:04).

This is the first victory of the Russian national team at the Olympic Games: in 1992, the unified team won the gold medal, and in the account of the Soviet national team had seven victories in the Olympics. . The best result of the German national team at the Olympics is the bronze medal.

For Russian athletes, this is the second gold medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Striker Nikita Gusev became the best scorer of the Olympics 2018. In 6 matches, he scored 12 points (4 goals and 8 passes effectively), second place was the striker. Lan Eli Tolvanen with 9 points (3 + 6).

In the list of the best scorers in the tournament, two Russian athletes Ilya Kovalchuk and Kaprizov, shared with American athlete Ryan Donato (five goals each), Gusev also became the best player. of the tournament. Kovalchuk is also recognized as the most valuable player in the Olympic hockey tournament.

In the final, Russia won 4-3 Germany with suffocation. This match, Russia lead 1-0 in the first half but Germany equalized 1-1 in the second half. In the third half, Russia led 2-1 minutes 54 but 10 seconds after Germany removed 2-2. Germany led 3-2 on 57 minutes and seemed to have a gold medal, then in the last 60 minutes Russia equalized 3-3. In extra time, Russia scored 4-3 at the last minute to get a gold medal.

Some lines talk about hockey

The stick has a long handle and has a flat tongue for hockey, because hockey letters come from “hocquet” . For entertainment in the winter, the British had the intention to use a schoolquet stick (which they pronounced and spelled out as hockey) to push the snowball on the frozen water when they arrived in North America. Ice hockey is ice hockey that we have long known as ice hockey.

More recently, a short caller is a bridge. Before ice hockey is the field hockey, grass hockey and its metamorphosis are similar games like dek hockey, ball hockey, street hockey and a whole lot more.

Field hockey field has a long history. People use a round ball curling stick on an empty field. In the 19th century, this game was standardized and legalized. National Hockey Association was founded in 1886 in London. International Hockey Federation was established in 1924.

Ice hockey in North America began in 1894 when two teams of American and Canadian students attended a tennis tournament in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. In the winter months, these two students just introduced a new game. Canada calls it hockey, but America calls it ice polo. Every party thinks that we are better than this, so we challenge them to try our best. So in the winter of the following year, in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston, a series of matches took place. The Canadian result wins all hockey matches and beats two ice polo matches.

In 1879, McGill University students organized competitions and set the first rule for this sport. Around the same time, Minnesota residents learned to play hockey from a neighboring friend Manitoba; The population of states near the Canadian border like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania gradually imitated. Only a few years later, ice polo was flattened aside and since then the universities and the amateur sports clubs of both countries only played hockey.


Ice hockey – The sport is very elaborate

If football is dubbed the “King” sport of the Summer Olympics, ice hockey is also occupies a similar position during the Winter Olympics.

There are many theories about the birth of hockey but so far the majority still believe that this sport comes from an ancient Greek game called “keritizein”. From the end of the eighteenth century, hockey was gradually improved by the British until it became a unified whole as present.

Ice hockey first appeared in the 1920s Summer Olympics in Belgium. This test was then transferred to the winter sports system starting from the 2004 Winter Olympics and defaulted to the latest Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Seven countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States are considered the great powers of ice hockey in the Olympic arena. In men’s content, only 6/64 medals do not belong to one of the seven countries mentioned above. The women’s playground, the Olympic medal competition and the World Championship are always the battle of this “giants” group, the HCV is always the competition of two Canadian and American teams.

Today ice hockey thrives both in width and depth. The most common is still in the geographic areas that are cold enough to form seasonal ice with perfect hardness like Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, … and The area is located in the northern latitude of the United States.

Most ice hockey players share the same assumption that skating skills account for more than 50% of success. The move on a special shoe requires players to be able to balance very well. In order for the skill to move to the “upper” level, players need to go through a long process from observing and training to regular practice with a strong will.

Looking from outside the ice hockey is not a sport that leaves a beautiful image. A group of players competed for a tiny disk, messy bumps on the field sometimes made viewers feel frustrated and boring. That is not to mention the extremely high direct resistance that many people are afraid of. However, once in the mind of “insiders”, those “negative” statements will immediately reverse.

Explore Underwater Hockey sport

World sports existed a lot of underwater competitions but speaking of the “monster” level, So Underwater hockey held the No. 1 position. It also holds the No. 1 position by the bottom of the lake, the competitor must not only swim well, dive well, but also need to hold his breath.

The water hockey that happened so casually in circumstances has nothing to do with sports. By 1954, Underwater hockey (also known as Octopush) was officially considered a sport after Alan Blake founded the first club, Southsea Sub-Aqua in England. The water hockey then responded enthusiastically by the harmonious combination of swimming and diving skills, while the form of ice hockey and basketball hybridization.

Both men and women can participate in this subject, just have a good tolerance to the challenge of holding a breath for a certain time under water. They were equipped with fins, masks, snorkels, a rubber protective glove, a headscarf and a small stick about 30 cm long to control the puck (similar to ice hockey balls) weighing from 1.3 – 1.5 kg is covered with plastic to create friction at the bottom of the pool.

Regular water hockey matches take place at a swimming pool with a length of 25 m, a width of 12 m, reaching a depth of 2 – 4 m and 2 heads with 2 metal trays with a length of 3 m. Spectators of this strange sport will watch from the surface of the lake or enjoy it directly on the screen recorded by the camera or close-up view of the mirror-shaped swimming pools.

Every water hockey game brings excitement and attracts viewers’ attention by playing “unique”. The two teams wade into the water, each team has 10 people (6 matches, 4 reserves) and is recognized by the paint color of the club. After the referee’s order, 12 fishermen swim and dive the 2 teams face-down, they slam into the bottom of the water together, curl the holder and pass the ball to the direction of the tray (considered a subject in ice hockey or football) of the opponent before making scoring shots (the ball is completely in the tray).

The fastest way to calculate the score of hockey matches

In fact, hockey or hockey is a kind of sport. The two teams compete against each other by controlling a ball or a round and hard disk. Hockey score is calculated when the ball enters the goal into the other team. So how to calculate the ratio?

What is Ice – Hockey betting?

We believe that many people have not defined exactly what ice hockey is? In specialty, this is how to bet on the house-provided hockey score. In an Ice-hockey match, there are 2 participating teams. Each team consists of 6 players, 5 players and one goalkeeper.

Players can refer to the article “Simple and effective horse racing betting game method” of 1poker4u to gain a deeper understanding of this type of game. An Ice Hockey match is played in 3 rounds and each with 20 minutes.

The team wins the match when scoring more goals. If the hockey score between 2 draws is equal, then extra time is 5 minutes. After the extra time is still unknown, the winner is determined by Shootout.

“Game Lines” is the main bet of the whole game, it includes: Line (goal acceptance), Total (total score) and Money line (win – lose) of the whole game. Game Bets will include extra time and Shootout if available.

“Alternative Puck Line 2-way” is an open 2-door handicap offering many options for players to join. If the -2.5 handicap is left then they must win by 3 goals or more to win. The dealer offers a wide range of odds for players to choose from. Of course, the harder it is to happen, the higher the rate of eating.

The last team to score is the 3-door bet. If no team scores, the “Neither” door will win. The way to calculate the taper depends on the number of goals scored in the match. The odds of the “Neither” door in Team To score last are “No 1st goal”.

Hockey – the sport only for strong people

Hockey is one of the sports with the oldest development history. This sport is judged to have originated from the entertainment of the old nobility. Although the same form of play is using a curved stick to hit the net but depending on the culture, the discipline is developed into many different forms of play such as playing on the ice, on the lawn, the beach …

In archaeological studies, researchers have shown that the appearance of hockey is more than 3000 years ago. It appears with a stick-type club head playing not only in a certain territory but a lot of places with forms of horseback playing, grass playing … depending on the culture of those nations.

By the nineteenth century, the new rules of hockey were officially adopted and from there the rules were defined according to the different forms of play. Due to climate differences, ice hockey was formed during this time and became one of the typical cold sports such as Canada, North America. This is also a form that many people think of before it comes to hockey.

Due to the climate and cultural influences of each nation and territory, hockey is divided into many different forms of play. The general rules of this sport are basically no different, just like how to play football.

Bandy is a form of ice hockey with ball, a bally playing field that is about the same size as a football field. Both teams are equipped with sticks with curved heads and the same rules as playing football, which means that there are still goalkeepers, players are responsible for how to score as many goals into the goal your team All ball collision moves must use sticks, absolutely no hand or foot to touch the ball.

How to play hockey

The hockey is a very simple sport. It’s you to skate, you pass the puck to your teammates, you shoot and you score. Hockey players move on ice with the ice skates. This makes the operation to be sharper and the acceleration easier.

The body checking is used to fight puck in the opponent’s hand. The body checking is permitted by the shoulders or hips, but not by elbows or sticks, and can not be from behind.

In the Hockey sport, they uses a hard rubber pad that’s called a puck. It is about one inch thick, it has a diameter of three inches. This puck has rounded sides with two sides on the flat.

The stick is used to put the puck on the golf course. It’s like putting the puck on ice. The more accurate the puck is for the team, the higher the chance of shooting it. There are many ways to move the puck, but the main goal is only hitting it to the goal to score.

There is no faster way to score goals than quick shots called slap shot. It has speeds of up to 150 km per hour. The shot called the wrist shot is the most accurate in this sport. The players usually move the puck on the ice before using the wrist to hit it hard.

Snap shot is like a shot shot, but at a shorter distance. At the snap shot, The players move the puck away very fast, just by a simple wrist. It made the other goalkeepers to surprise.

The court is divided into two camps, each team has 6 people. The team that hits the ball into the opponent’s net will win. This sport game is divided into three innings, each 20 minutes, not counting the time to stop the game.


Let’s explore Hockey in the world

There are many theories about the birth of hockey. But until now, it is believed that the sport comes from a game in ancient Greece that be called “keritizein”. The rules are quite simple with each team of six players using stickers to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. The game lasted 60 minutes and was divided into 3 chaps.

Teams that score more goals will win. The big difference between hockey versus football is that there are no time limits and number of turns in each match. The half-time is between 15 minutes 30 seconds and 17 minutes. Hockey began to appear in the 1920 Summer Olympics in Belgium. Then It was moved to the winter sports system that is begun with the 2004 Winter Olympics and is scheduled for the most recent Olympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

The countries of Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States are considered to be the powers of ice hockey in the Olympic arena.
Canada and other European countries officially choose ice hockey as the national winter sport. North American tournaments have become increasingly popular, attracting tens of thousands of spectators, hundreds of thousands of television followers, and It is no less attractive than football.

Hockey is a sport that in which, there are two teams compete by trying to control a ball or a hard and circular disk called hockey ball into the net or the goal of the other team.

Most of hockey players share the same assumption that skating skills account for more than 50% of success. Moving on a special shoe requires the player to be able to hold a good balance. Players need to go through a long process from observation, to practice regularly with high determination for the skill to reach the “upper level” .

Looking from outside, hockey is a sport as well as the beautiful pictures. A group of players competing against the tiny disk. However, once in the mind of the “insiders”, these “negative” comments will be immediately reversed.


Carter Hutton is Winning Fans and Games

The 2018/19 NHL season for the Buffalo Sabres might only be three matches old, but Carter Hutton has already managed to save it from turning into a complete disaster. Not only has he managed to win two matches, but he also won over a massive fanbase. Within the last three matches, the Buffalo Sabres currently boasts with two victories and only one loss. This makes it the first time since the 2013 NHL season where the Buffalo Sabres have a win percentage that is above the .500 mark. In fact, its been a total of 457 matches since the Buffalo Sabres celebrated a winning record.

Hutton is undoubtedly the best player in the Buffalo Sabre squad so far and has already managed to pay dividends for Jason Botterill as general manager, who fortunately inked Hutton into a three-year contract valued at $8.25 million on 1 July 2018.

Hutton Makes Incredible Saves

In the last couple of years, when the Sabres’ opponents managed to break away, it was a given that the red light will soon flash thereafter. However, that quickly changed thanks to Hutton that managed to stop most of them which included an extremely rare three on one rush by the Rangers during their second match.

Things managed to fall apart for the Buffalo Sabres when Tage Thompson tried to skate the puck out of the Sabres zone. Nathan Beaulieu and Casey Nelson headed up the ice too, ahead of the puck. However, the puck was picked clean by the Ryan Spooner, Brett Howden, and Jesper Fast from the New York Rangers and all of them went in on Hutton who was completely alone.

“I’m unable to tell you what went through my mind,” stated Hutton. “It was one of those scenarios where you look up and just say, ‘Oh dear.’ I just stayed patient.”
It was an incredible highlight reel after the Sabres lost to the Boston Bruins in their opening game for the season. The entire team praised Hutton after the phenomenal save as well. Claiming the win was even better, for both the organisations and its fanbase.

People Listen When Hutton Talks

Hutton is a well-spoken and vocal athlete. He’s engaging, meticulous, and his candid nature and calm demeanour manages to ooze experience while portraying loads of confidence for himself and his teammates. He is certainly not shy to voice his opinions after a match either. Hutton is able to stay calm when he makes his unbelievable saves.

He managed to finish the match against the New York Rangers, claiming his first victory as a Buffalo Sabre and enjoyed the team’s first victory of the year as well. He was absolutely mind-blowing when he stopped shots, saving a total of 43 shots against the New York Rangers. He also managed to save a total of 35 shots while playing against the Vegas Golden Knights while playing at home. The Buffalo Sabres were outshot and out-attempted but still managed to walk away with a 4-2 win.