Hockey finals appeal to Cech more than the Great War meets M.U

Petr Cech sits at the Emirates, but his mind flies 160 miles to the west. It is The Viola Arena ice rink in Cardiff (Wales) where the UK ice hockey final takes place between Guildford Flames and Belfast Giants. Cech is a fan of Flames, the team is facing the first time in history to win the championship.

“The moment is waiting for Flames. After they won the semifinals, I planned to go to Cardiff to see the final. Unfortunately, I got into an important match with M.U. Although I cannot reach Cardiff, I will update the phone information constantly, ”Arsenal goalkeeper shared on Independent.

Cech chụp ảnh cùng các thành viên của đội khúc côn cầu trên băng Coventry Blaze

The ice hockey final started at 4pm, only half an hour before the whistle of the Arsenal – M.U. Cech will have to hold the phone tightly while his teammates roll off at the Emirates.

Before going to football, Petr Cech practiced ice hockey. Rather, the hockey game has eaten the blood of the Czech goalkeeper. Since he was a 5-year-old boy until now, Cech has never stopped playing ice hockey. Flames club is still where the 36-year-old goalkeeper regularly comes to practice as an unofficial member.

Cech’s golfing skill is influenced by the years of being a goalkeeper on the ice. Typically, the fast-paced phase has become a brand in the Premier League, Cech has achieved that great reflex by playing sports similar to football but at much higher speeds.

At the age of 7, the young boy Cech got used to football when he joined the academy of Viktoria Plzen. Cech still played parallel hockey until one day, Cech’s parents forced his son to concentrate entirely on the pitch. For one simple reason: the family is not eligible to buy a hockey suit.

Chung kết khúc côn cầu hấp dẫn Cech hơn đại chiến gặp M.U

In late 2018, Cech returned to his hometown to attend a match to honor his close friend Martin Havlat, a monument in Czech hockey. The Arsenal goalkeeper had a bad performance when he stood guard on the ice.

But when he returned to England, he received many criticisms about being too adventurous with an easy-to-injury sport. Unai Emery coach still stands up to support the passion of the students. The Arsenal captain understood that ice hockey was something Cech could not give up.