Hockey player resolves conflict with the UFC Cup

Holden Anderson, ice hockey player of Amiens (France), is facing a heavy penalty after knocking the opponent down with a UFC strike. The match between Amiens and Bordeaux took place in the fourth series of the French ice hockey quarterfinals. Amiens was 0-2 down, but eventually won 4-3 against the home team. The match is noticeable when a collision occurs after the final whistle.

According to RT news agency, Amiens’s Holden Anderson was banned from playing by his own team because of serious injury to the opposing player Julien Desrosiers (Bordeaux) with more appearances on the martial arts floor than on hockey field.

Cau thu khuc con cau giai quyet mau thuan bang don danh UFC hinh anh 1

The clash between the two players occurred in France’s ice hockey tournament, which caused Anderson to be criticized by fans and the media for their acts. After that, he was suspended indefinitely by the team.However, sports fans demand more severe penalties for Anderson. Local media and fans of other teams all asked him not to play professional hockey for the rest of his life.

Rubbing down the opposite of Anderson made Desrosiers soon end the season when the player suffered from joint pain, shoulder and sprain. Amiens’s team must receive additional penalties from the tournament organizers.

Ice hockey is known to be a sport of many violent situations on the pitch, especially in the United States when fans regularly witness the kicking of players, even using sticks to hand out.

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