How to play hockey

The hockey is a very simple sport. It’s you to skate, you pass the puck to your teammates, you shoot and you score. Hockey players move on ice with the ice skates. This makes the operation to be sharper and the acceleration easier.

The body checking is used to fight puck in the opponent’s hand. The body checking is permitted by the shoulders or hips, but not by elbows or sticks, and can not be from behind.

In the Hockey sport, they uses a hard rubber pad that’s called a puck. It is about one inch thick, it has a diameter of three inches. This puck has rounded sides with two sides on the flat.

The stick is used to put the puck on the golf course. It’s like putting the puck on ice. The more accurate the puck is for the team, the higher the chance of shooting it. There are many ways to move the puck, but the main goal is only hitting it to the goal to score.

There is no faster way to score goals than quick shots called slap shot. It has speeds of up to 150 km per hour. The shot called the wrist shot is the most accurate in this sport. The players usually move the puck on the ice before using the wrist to hit it hard.

Snap shot is like a shot shot, but at a shorter distance. At the snap shot, The players move the puck away very fast, just by a simple wrist. It made the other goalkeepers to surprise.

The court is divided into two camps, each team has 6 people. The team that hits the ball into the opponent’s net will win. This sport game is divided into three innings, each 20 minutes, not counting the time to stop the game.