Both sport require a lot of physical abilities. Running around while dodging opponents and concentrating on the goal is not a simple task. If you are physically inadequate to run for long periods of time or get exhausted easily, continuing can be a hard. And if you have a short stature, then you should try something else.

Besides, with ice hockey, a lot of technical skill in ice skating is necessary. Not everyone is able to master that. It’s about learning to master an entirely different sport just to be able to play it. If you cannot even stand on ice skates, then don’t even think about mastering it. Apart from that, most of the game requires skill and strategy.

Safety Measures

As mentioned earlier, basketball requires lesser safety precautions in comparison to ice hockey. It has nothing to do with the legs; hence, leg injuries and tripping over is uncommon. The most essential gear that a basketball player may wear is a knee or shoulder pad. But a helmet is not necessary..

Getting hit by a basketball can be pretty harsh, but it isn’t too serious. Moreover, the game can put pressure on the legs and the body, so you need to train for a good physique. But if you are capable of running a mile or two, the game shouldn’t be a problem.

In comparison to that, ice hockey requires the player to be fully equipped with protection gear such as padding, torso pads, helmets, and gloves. As slipping on annice floor is more than common and can cause a lot of injuries. In case, a player get run over by another player, both of them will need medical care. In addition to that, the puck is a solid hard rubber object which is being hit around the field at high velocities. If being hit, it could leave a bruise, break a bone or worse. The hockey sticks are also pretty hard, and a single hit can be devastating.