Interesting Facts about Hockey

Hockey has been popular around 1363, when King Edward III of England banned the sport in a royal proclamation; however the histories of the game playing with curved sticks, could date as far back as 4,000 years ago to ancient Egyptian times. People believed that the word hockey was taken from the Middle French word ‘hoquet’, which means shepherd’s stave. Nowadays, there are many new types of hockey, including ice hockey, field hockey, roller hockey, sledge hockey, and even street hockey which is children’s favorite.
In this post, let’s look at some interesting facts of hockey.

  • The first indoor hockey game was played in 1875, in Montreal, Canada before the NHL (National Hockey League) was even founded in 1917.
  • At its early days, hockey sticks were straight until Stan Mikita, a Chicago Blackhawks Hall of Famer introduced the curve stick in the 60s.
  • Ice Hockey pucks have three-inch diameters which must be frozen before each game so that they don’t bounce during the game.
  • The first outdoor puck used on outdoor ice hockey in the 1800s was made of frozen cow dung.
  • The fastest puck recorded in history, at 118 miles per hour was hit by Bobby Hull.
  • The Stanley Cup was created in 1893 after the name of Lord Stanley of Preston, a Canadian Governor General which originally was only seven inches tall while It is more than 35 inches tall today.
  • The Stanley Cup has been organized and awarded annually since 1914 with the only exceptions in 1919 when there was a Spanish flu epidemic, and in 2005 due to a strike.
  • The Stanley Cup was once used as a cereal bowl being left on the side of the road by mistake, and was even once lost on a flight.
  • The measurement of competition rinks in North America is 85 feet wide by 200 feet long.
  • Montreal Canadiens is the team to win the most Stanley Cups in the league’s history.