Interesting facts of ice hockey (Part 3)

The original Stanley Cup was initially over 20 cm high with names of winning team players written on the base of the cup. That’s why there was a need for lot bigger cup, making the current base approximately 80 cm high.
The team who has won Stanley Cups the most is Montreal Canadians with 23 Stanley Cups. The second team is Toronto Maple Leafs with only 13 cups. Until 1959, goalie doesn’t wear any face mask for the protection until flying puck broke the nose of the goalie of Montreal Canadians, Jacques Plante. Since then; he began to wear the mask and made it as a tradition. Nowadays the face mask become a vital part of goalies uniform.
Two ice hockey players who are believed to be the greatest of all time – Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy were born on the same day despite their birthplaces were situated about 200 km apart. Such an odd coincidence.
There are twelve woman name written on the Stanley Cup, but none of them were players but team owners and executives.

The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, Canada. He was the 1892 Governor General who purchased the decorative cup in London then donated it to award Canada’s top amateur hockey club. Thanks to this action, he and his family became infatuated with the sport at Montreal’s Winter Carnival. The cup was first awarded to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association in 1893.