Let’s explore Hockey in the world

There are many theories about the birth of hockey. But until now, it is believed that the sport comes from a game in ancient Greece that be called “keritizein”. The rules are quite simple with each team of six players using stickers to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. The game lasted 60 minutes and was divided into 3 chaps.

Teams that score more goals will win. The big difference between hockey versus football is that there are no time limits and number of turns in each match. The half-time is between 15 minutes 30 seconds and 17 minutes. Hockey began to appear in the 1920 Summer Olympics in Belgium. Then It was moved to the winter sports system that is begun with the 2004 Winter Olympics and is scheduled for the most recent Olympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

The countries of Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States are considered to be the powers of ice hockey in the Olympic arena.
Canada and other European countries officially choose ice hockey as the national winter sport. North American tournaments have become increasingly popular, attracting tens of thousands of spectators, hundreds of thousands of television followers, and It is no less attractive than football.

Hockey is a sport that in which, there are two teams compete by trying to control a ball or a hard and circular disk called hockey ball into the net or the goal of the other team.

Most of hockey players share the same assumption that skating skills account for more than 50% of success. Moving on a special shoe requires the player to be able to hold a good balance. Players need to go through a long process from observation, to practice regularly with high determination for the skill to reach the “upper level” .

Looking from outside, hockey is a sport as well as the beautiful pictures. A group of players competing against the tiny disk. However, once in the mind of the “insiders”, these “negative” comments will be immediately reversed.