Hockey – fighting roller skating genre

Originating from the west, roller skating sport has been present in many countries for a long time and has become a passion for many young people. Especially among the types of roller skates, Hockey is the type that attracts many people because it shows the ability to fight and team spirit when participating.

Hokey is a fighting sport, not only requires players to have ingenuity and perseverance when practicing but also thanks to teamwork and tactics while playing. You can imagine Hokey being close to soccer, there will be two teams using sticks to hit the opponent’s goal, but all members have to wear skates to move. But Hokey’s playing terrain is not ice and ice skates but large, flat playgrounds and roller skates.

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Participants must ensure full protection on people: Helmet with face shield, full body protection, clothes, sticks, balls and subjects. When participating in this game you will have separate techniques and tactics of your team.

First of all as you know to play any kind of rollerblading, we also need a pair of shoes to ensure the quality as well as the type you choose. On the market today there are many reputable and quality roller shoes firms you should consider and learn carefully before buying to own a solid pair of shoes, bringing safety and efficiency when playing. Don’t be cheap to choose couples with low prices because it is sure that its quality is absolutely guaranteed.

After choosing a quality shoe, you must pay attention to safety factor when playing roller skates. Make sure before you join the Hokey practice or competition you must have a full-face helmet to avoid sticks or balls to the face, body protection, hand, foot and glove protectors, Hand fist … these parts will help you avoid friction and collision when playing.

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Not everyone who is proficient in roller skating can join the Hokey genre immediately because it is a type that needs fast movement, precise polishing and eye-catching to transmit the ball to the team. It is not just about using your feet as a normal roller skate, but also having to combine your hands and eyes so you need to practice patience, be careful if you want to participate and play this genre professionally.

The Russian hockey team defeated the German team and won the Olympic gold medal

The Russian hockey team won the Olympic gold medal of the Olympics at Pyeongchang, defeating the German team in extra time of the final.

The final match was held on Sunday in Gangneung. The match ends with a score of 4: 3. The main time ends with a 3: 3 draw, the winning team is only determined during the additional time.Excellent Russian athletes have scored for the home team.

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Thus, the silver medal went into the hands of the German national team, and the bronze medal for the Canadian team took third place after beating the Czech team.

This is the first victory of the Russian national team at the Olympic Games: in 1992, the unified team won the gold medal, and in the account of the Soviet national team had seven victories in the Olympics…

The best result of the German national team at the Olympics is the bronze medal.For Russian athletes, this is the second gold medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Striker Nikita Gusev became the best scorer of the 2018 Olympics. In 6 games, he scored 12 points, second place is Finnish striker Eli Tolvanen with 9 points.

Đội tuyển khúc côn cầu Nga giành huy chương vàng của Thế vận hội

In the list of the best scorers in the tournament, two Russian athletes Ilya Kovalchuk and Kaprizov, shared with American athlete Ryan Donato (five goals each), Gusev also became the best player. of the tournament.

Kovalchuk is also recognized as the most valuable player in the Olympic hockey tournament. The Russian hockey team won the Olympic gold medal of the Olympics at Pyeongchang, defeating the German team in extra time of the final. However, they had to celebrate the victory under the Olympic flag – the flag for free athletes.

Excellent Russian athletes have scored for the home team and become the gold medalist of this competition. The silver medal went into the hands of the German national team, and the bronze medal for the Canadian team won third place after beating the Czech team.

Allow athletes to fight – the law is hard to believe in hockey

We often ask ourselves, why do hockey players often have such violent bumps in ice hockey? The answer is that the strange law allows athletes to fight on hockey grounds, taking place in North America is the main cause of many such competitions.
Ice hockey is a sport that often causes unintended collisions, when the athletes sometimes fail to control the speed, leading to conflicts between two or more players of the two teams.

However, in hockey tournaments that take place in North America, it is completely different, with the rules quite “bizarre” when they allow the athletes of the two teams to solve the collision on the field by fighting. And they explain that this is the way for men to express their bravery as well as their bravery.

Cho phép VĐV đánh nhau, luật khó tin ở môn hockey - 9

In each team, there is usually a player who is willing to stand up as a hero, it is called “Hockey goon”. These are often very aggressive players, they explain for fighting, punching the opponent’s bag to protect their teammates from danger.

The battle between two or a group of athletes of the two teams only ends when a player falls to the floor, then the referee will be tasked with separating the “boxers” from each other. The “Hockey goon” will then go to rest, if there is a match, they will be able to play again.

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After a lot of criticism from the media as well as from the fans, this law has not changed. As a result, fans still have to see bloody battles still happening regularly in North American hockey tournaments such as boxing on ice hockey courts.

When starting to fight, the two players must follow a principle of throwing sticks and gloves to the yard. If they do not comply with the rules, that player will be banned from playing for a long time. The referees look, they have a duty as a referee in boxing. The two-team player and the supporters cheered enthusiastically for the two combatants

Hockey finals appeal to Catch more than the Great match meets M.U

Petr Cech sits at the Emirates, but his mind flies 160 miles to the west. It is The Viola Arena ice rink in Cardiff (Wales) where the UK ice hockey final takes place between Guildford Flames and Belfast Giants. Cech is a fan of Flames, the team is facing the first time in history to win the championship.

“The moment is waiting for Flames. After they won the semifinals, I planned to go to Cardiff to see the final. Unfortunately, I got into an important match with M.U. Although I cannot reach Cardiff, I will update the phone information constantly, ”Arsenal goalkeeper shared on Independent. The ice hockey final started at 4pm, only half an hour before the whistle of the Arsenal – M.U. Cech will have to hold the phone tightly while his teammates roll off at the Emirates.

Before going to football, Petr Cech practiced ice hockey. Rather, the hockey game has played since his childhood. Since he was a 5-year-old boy until now, Cech has never stopped playing ice hockey. Flames club is still where the 36-year-old goalkeeper regularly comes to practice as an unofficial member.

Cech’s golfing skill is influenced by the years of being a goalkeeper on the ice. Typically, the fast-paced phase has become a brand in the Premier League, Cech has achieved that great reflex by playing sports similar to football but at much higher speeds. At the age of 7, the young boy Cech got used to football when he joined the academy of Viktoria Plzen. Cech still played parallel hockey until one day, Cech’s parents forced his son to concentrate entirely on the pitch. For one simple reason: the family is not eligible to buy a hockey suit.

With football, Cech’s starting point is a winger. But sometimes the young Czech man asked the coach to catch the golf to remember the feeling of standing in hockey. Cech also wanted to discover the difference between the 7.32m wide (football) and 1.8m (ice hockey). Whether it is wide or narrow, it is the place where Cech’s quintessence plays. And no coach will allow Cech to leave the guard.

Jacques Plante that’s founder of ice hockey

Jacques Plante’s full name is Joseph Jacques Omer Plante and he was dubbed the “revolutionary” of ice hockey because he was the first to make improvements to the sport and help hockey. The tape is more popular. In 2017, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was named one of the “100 Greatest Ice Hockey Players” in history.

Jacques Plante is not the first goalkeeper to wear a mask in hockey. Elizabeth Graham goalkeeper of the Queen’s Golden Gaels women’s hockey team was the first to use this sport mask in 1927.

But Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first goalkeeper to make it more popular and at the same time he developed and tested many different aspects to match this sport, moreover, under support Supported by other hockey experts, he developed the first type of mask that became the forerunner of the type of mask associated with helmets that we often see today.

He was also the first hockey goalkeeper to regularly guide and cheer his fellow attackers when he was on duty to defend the goal. Read more Jacques Plante with the journey to bring the goalkeeper mask into hockey. During 10 years of playing for Montreal Canadiens, he and his teammates made Montreal Canadiens honored the “Dream Team” in 1985.

With a total of 437 matches during the 28 years of his career as an ice hockey goalkeeper, Jacques Plante ranked seventh among NHL goalkeepers in history. Ice hockey developed from Canada – is a fighting sport on ice.

Each team will have 6 players, including goalkeeper. A team will have a maximum of 20 players per match registered, including 2 goalkeepers.A match will consist of 3 rounds, 20 minutes each, the time of death will be 15 minutes. The game field is 61m long, 30m wide, will consist of 3 areas including 2 defensive areas of each team and midfield.

In each defensive area there will be 2 small circles for defensive players.This subject speed is very high, can reach more than 180km for hour. There will be a piece of hard rubber called a snow ball and two teams will use a stick to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Athletes will wear protective gear on the head, shoulders, gloves, especially the goalkeeper has a shin guard. Different from grass hockey, ice hockey does not limit the number of substitutions.

President Putin scored in a hockey game in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin was surprised to put his shoes on the ice in a hockey game in Red Square. President Putin wore the number 11 shirt. He was in the team with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and former hockey stars Pavel Bure and Viacheslav Fetisov.

In this match, the Russian president’s team won with a score of 14-10. According to some sources, Putin scored a goal in this victory, but the press did not specify how many goals he had scored.

The game was attended by high-ranking political leaders in Moscow and hockey stars who retired from Russia. This tournament has become a regular event in recent years, held before the Orthodox Christmas Week on January 7.

“It’s a good kind of entertainment. I think this is a good reason to play hockey before the new year,” Putin told Russia news channel 24.Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been known as a sports enthusiast. He has black belts in Judo and is very passionate about swimming and hunting.

President Putin revealed himself very interested in sports, can pull the bar 17-17 pieces. Putin won many awards for Judo and things. In 2006, Putin was nominated as Honorary President of the European Judo Society. In addition, Putin also holds the Karate black belt. In November 2014, the international organization Kyokushin-kan on Karate awarded Putin the 8th rank of Kyokushin-kan.

With a healthy body, President Putin does not hesitate to participate in activities that require muscle flexibility. Once he personally extinguished the fire in the Ryazan forest fire, dived deep into the bottom of Lake Baikal and the Black Sea, behind the wheel of a Formula 1 racing car, sitting on a Su-interceptor fighter. 27 and test drive the Tu-160 strategic bomber.

Many people admire President Putin’s extraordinary ability to work. A day of his work at the Kremlin usually lasts overnight and ends the next morning, despite the heavy schedule. Surprisingly, he still had enough time to ensure his health. “President Putin is a living person who complies with the schedule he set out. Even when his day worked for the next morning, he still went swimming and practiced in the gym, “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

President Putin wants to become a hockey player after the end of his term

Putin is world famous for his strong, healthy, stylish and sporty politician image. From a famous passion for judo and karate to mountain skiing, hiking and even racing – the Russian leader has a perfect and excellent figure in many sports. A little-known fact of childhood Vladimir Putin does not love Russian traditional music. Perhaps that is why the future president receives sports instead of music.

In an interview with American director Oliver Stone in 2017, President Putin joked that he wanted to be an ice hockey player after the end of his term. The 65-year-old president revealed that he started learning to skate five years ago and was able to play hockey. However, the initial time was very difficult because he could not even stand on skates.

“I want to take part in a professional hockey tournament when I’m less responsible for current affairs,” Putin said in a meeting with some of the celebrities in Kazan, the capital of Republic of Tatarstan in Russia.

The Russian leader also acknowledged that he currently has a lot of work to do, so he cannot wholeheartedly pursue his passion for the sport. President Putin has long admired many people not only as a talented politician but also known as a very good sportsman and the only president in the world to have the belt and rank of all three top martial arts in the world.

Despite being busy with thousands of jobs, most of the years he participated in friendly hockey matches with professional athletes. He used to play with the number 11.

The Russian leader also took the initiative to establish the Night Hockey Federation, a project to popularize hockey in Russia and attract elderly people to the ice rink to play the sport after hours. work.

America’s ice hockey team is determined to regain Olympic glory

Men’s ice hockey at the Vancouver Olympics is expected by fans to be one of the most exciting competitions. The 12-day final round brings together the 12 strongest teams in the world with the same goal – that is the determination to win the Olympic title. VOA correspondent Steve Schy reports that the US team aims to regain the gold medal they won in 1980.

Men’s ice hockey became an official Olympic game in 1992, but on the 1998 Olympics, the US Hockey League, called NHL, allowed players to leave the league. Group to return to play for the national team. David Ogrean that’s director of the US-USA Hockey team, appreciated the acceptance of the postponement of the season to allow the world’s top players to compete in the 21st Winter Olympics.

So at the three Olympic Games, no national team has reached the final twice. The 12 teams to the Vancouver Olympics in May are divided into three groups: Table A consists of Canada, America, Switzerland, and Norway; Group B includes Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Latvia; and Table C includes Sweden, Finland, Belarus, and Germany.

Dave Poile, an official of the US sports team, said only five players in the team had ever experienced Olympic competitions. He recalls glory when the US team won the gold medal at Lake Placid in New York in 1980.

He said that when the US team was considered to be under power, he suddenly lowered the gold medal candidate to Russia in the semi-final, before defeating Finland to win the enemy title. Mr. Poile hopes to celebrate this 30th year of victory that will create excitement for the youth team today.

Toronto Maple Leafs club Ron Wilson coaches as head coach of the US men’s Olympic hockey team in 2010. Youngster Patrick Kane, 21, one of the first six players in the team, was named into the squad, saying it was a great honor to represent the country in Olympic competition.

The Inter-Korean women’s hockey team was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Angela Ruggiero – A senior member of the International Olympic Committee has proposed nominating the Nobel Peace Prize for women’s hockey teams on the Inter-Korean ice. The press identified the team as a “key” to reduce tensions between the two Korean countries.

Angela Ruggiero, who has won the World Cup four times and won the state medal for hockey content, said she will call on other members of the International Olympic Committee to have the same idea as her. “I would be happy if the inter-Korean women’s hockey team received the Nobel Peace Prize. It is the proper recognition of the sacrifices of both teams to be able to join together, ”Angela Ruggiero said.

Earlier, South Korea proposed the creation of an inter-Korean ice hockey team to attend the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in South Korea in an effort to bring closer to Korea and pave the way for inter-Korean dialogue. Tide. The team consists of 23 South Korean players and 12 Korean players wearing uniform uniforms from “Korea” on the map of the Korean Peninsula.

This is the first and only practice match for the newly formed hockey team of the two Korean countries yed under the unified flag. Before each match, the whole team does not sing Korean national anthem or Korean. Instead, the familiar melody of the folk song “Arirang” is heard.

Russian news agency RT said the Korean-Korean hockey team is considered a “key” to reduce tensions between the two Korean countries after a series of tests of Pyongyang’s ballistic and nuclear missiles. North Korea is still subject to tough UN and US sanctions regarding its nuclear program and ballistic missiles.
“As an athlete who competed in the 4 Olympics, I understand that it is not only about the individual athletes, the team they play, the country they represent but also the convey strong messages around the world, “said by Ms. Ruggiero.

What opportunities for hockey in China

In addition to traditional strengths such as badminton, table tennis, Chinese sports are currently booming as a promising market – one of them is hockey. In addition to Bettman, a billionaire of hockey village, there are two other stars: Kobe Bryant of football’s basketball and David Beckham.

In September, Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings will meet in Beijing and Shanghai for friendly matches. This is the first promotional step that Mr. Bettman calls “the official launch for what we hope will be a long-term and successful partnership between the two tournaments, between our teams, between partners in accelerating the development of hockey in China “.

March 30 is considered a milestone for the national hockey championship (NHL – USA), when billionaire Gary Bettman officially brought it to China, in an effort to expand the influence of the sport. this to the most populous market in the world.

China now, after years of resonating in the Olympics, has stepped back with its poor performance compared to itself in 2016 in Brazil. Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to call for investment in Chinese sports development. In addition to traditional strengths such as badminton, table tennis, Chinese sports are currently booming as promising markets. The actual hockey followed many strange subjects with mainland people like basketball, rugby, baseball … about approaching China.

NHL is currently watching the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022 as a great opportunity to explode in the Chinese market, similar to what they did with Japan in 1998, 2006 in Italy or 2014 in Russia.

The difficulty will be huge for Bettman this time, because the current “sports” piece of Chinese sports is almost torn from the competition of many other subjects. With a new discipline like this, the process of preparing coaches and athletes will not be simple. In addition, the most important thing is to receive support from businesses, governments and even Chinese famous athletes.