Seattle paid 650 million dollars to join NHL

The national hockey tournament will feature Seattle. NHL management has unanimously approved Seattle to become the 32nd franchise of the tournament on Tuesday. Accordingly, the first match they officially play is in 2021 to give the city enough time to renovate the competition area.

“Today is an exciting history day for the tournament as we expand (the league) in one of the fastest growing, beautiful and most modern cities in North America,” NHL board member Gary Bettman said. “And we are delighted that Seattle, a city with a proud history of hockey, in which they were the home team for the first US team to win the Stanley Cup, has finally joined NHL. ”

The decision was widely expected after the Seattle Hockey Partners team impressed the association’s executive committee in October with a plan containing all the elements that NHL was looking for. Ownership will be headed by billionaire David Bonderman and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. A downtown that prepares the NHL to add another team after three years of approving a franchise in Las Vegas.

Seattle is a city with a thriving economy. Therefore, the hockey franchise will help new players form teams. The same thing happened to Majorers Soccer’s Sounders team in 2009. First, SuperSonics joined the NBA in 1967, followed by the arrival of the Seahawks in the NFL in 1976, and the Mariners in MLB in 1977. Following This, SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, with the current name is Thunder City Oklahoma.

While news of the Seattle team is rife, it is unclear whether NHL will be happy with the number of 32 teams after the new teams join, helping to create a balance between the East and West. NHL Vice President Bill Daly said there were no perfect numbers, although no North American sports federation currently exceeds 32 teams. He also thinks the expansion is appropriate as it helps to increase the value of the tournament. Both Houston, Quebec City and Toronto can be a separate squad someday.