Some lines talk about hockey

The stick has a long handle and has a flat tongue for hockey, because hockey letters come from “hocquet” . For entertainment in the winter, the British had the intention to use a schoolquet stick (which they pronounced and spelled out as hockey) to push the snowball on the frozen water when they arrived in North America. Ice hockey is ice hockey that we have long known as ice hockey.

More recently, a short caller is a bridge. Before ice hockey is the field hockey, grass hockey and its metamorphosis are similar games like dek hockey, ball hockey, street hockey and a whole lot more.

Field hockey field has a long history. People use a round ball curling stick on an empty field. In the 19th century, this game was standardized and legalized. National Hockey Association was founded in 1886 in London. International Hockey Federation was established in 1924.

Ice hockey in North America began in 1894 when two teams of American and Canadian students attended a tennis tournament in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. In the winter months, these two students just introduced a new game. Canada calls it hockey, but America calls it ice polo. Every party thinks that we are better than this, so we challenge them to try our best. So in the winter of the following year, in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston, a series of matches took place. The Canadian result wins all hockey matches and beats two ice polo matches.

In 1879, McGill University students organized competitions and set the first rule for this sport. Around the same time, Minnesota residents learned to play hockey from a neighboring friend Manitoba; The population of states near the Canadian border like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania gradually imitated. Only a few years later, ice polo was flattened aside and since then the universities and the amateur sports clubs of both countries only played hockey.