Talbot and Lucic will help Flames win the trophy

Over the past July, the Calgary Flames Club has taken steps to replenish its team to get closer to winning the Stanley Cup. With two valid contracts.

First, sign a one-year contract with free goalkeeper Cam Talbot after he left the Flyers club, worth up to $2.75 million on July 1. The second was on July 19 Calgary Flames has signed another contract with the Edmonton Oilers club in exchange for 32-year-old James Neal for Milan winger Lucic.

Johnny Gaudreau of Calgary Flames winger, he shared about the team adding two new players. He said that it was clear that their team had certain difficulties and confirmed that Lucic could help them solve that problem. Gaudreau also added, “When participating in a charity match at the Flyers skating rink, I heard Lucic’s teammates at Edmonton Oilers say that he was very hard-working and was a great teammate, I am looking forward to this”.

As for Talbot, the two players met in the 2017-2018 season. Gaudreau said that Talbot is a great goalkeeper, who made it difficult for him to reach the goal, definitely scoring goals in the face. Gaudreau also said that: “When you play against such a squad and you have a player who can go in the corner, your big body in front of your net, he really helps your team. I think that’s what we were looking for. He will help us overcome everything to win the No. 1 position”.

Known last season, the combined trio on the left is Gaudreau on the left, Sean Monahan in the center and the right is Elias Lindhilm, helping them score 259 points (97 goals and 162 assists). In which Gaudreau scored 99 points (36 goals and 63 assists) ranked 7th in the tournament. After the addition of forces, hopefully Calgary Flames will become stronger to reach the Stanley Cup this year.