Hockey Equipment List (part 1)

To start playing hockey, one of the first things you should know is the equipments that are essential to wear on the rink. Let’s look at the definitive hockey equipment list below.

Hockey Accessories

Hockey accessories consists of facemask and mouthguard. A facemask is used to protect your face from flying biscuits or tough blows to the face. A mouthguard is used to protect your mouth (and jaw) from injury.

Certainly, all of these items help to protect you against the slick blade of an ice skate. Therefore, these items are extremely essentials.

Some Oak Park skaters also choose to wear neck guards. A neck guard is the accessories to protect your neck against injurious blows. However, most hockey players choose not to wear it. If you are a first-time adult skater or a youth skater, wearing a neck guard is a good idea.

Hockey Elbow Pads

Even if you have joined the sport of hockey for years, you still can fall flat on the ice. When your feet fall right under you, your elbows will hit the ice first. In addition, flying pucks sting the funny bone. Therefore, high-quality elbow pads are very essential.

Hockey Gloves

Hockey gloves are an essential equipment. You should choose the gloves that are durable and flexible. While some skate players want looser hockey gloves to have a more comfortable feel, others would like to use tight-fitting gloves. The fit of your hockey glove depends on your personal preference but you may want a breathable glove that can provide continuous finger and hand protection.

Hockey Helmets

While playing hockey, always remember to use a hockey helmet to protect your noggin. A too tight-fitting helmet can lead to general discomfort, or even rashes, and headaches while an extremely loose-fitting helmet can wobble around and  affect visibility on the rink negatively.

Some Chicagoland skaters pick up visors or facemasks while others prefer the increased visibility and choose not to wear facial protection at all. A full facemask guarantees the most facial protection.