Interesting facts of Hockey

Stanley’s original Cup was given to winner until 1970, and is now displayed in the Vault Room at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada.

In 1963, the “Presentation Cup” was created and is the famous trophy awarded today. The replica of the Presentation Cup was designed in 1993, is the third cup and is used as a stand-in at the Hall of Fame when the Presentation Cup is vacant.

It’s one of a kind.

Different from other major league sports trophies when a new Cup is made every year. With hockey there isn’t a new Cup made every year, instead, after each championship, the names of the players, coaches, management team, and staff of the winning team are written to the Cup. The first team to have their name written inner bowl of the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup was the 1906-07 Montreal Wanderers. The only other team names appeared on the inner bowl are the 1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires.

It’s always changing

More and more teams wished to be immortalized, so the final decision was made that put a separate ring underneath the original Cup in which each new winning roster would be written on. Between 1927 and 1947, a new, more streamlined and vertical incarnation version of the Cup called Stovepipe Cup was used. The name was given due to its cylindrical shape. However, by 1948, the trophy became too tall and big to hold or even put on exhibition, so the shape was altered to the tiered version used currently.

Its rings are detachable.

Since 1958, five bands of championship names are written around the base of the Cup. When the rings were full, the oldest team is removed and written in Lord Stanley’s Vault at the Great Esso Hall in the Hockey Hall of Fame. A blank replacement band was then placed in its position to be filled with the new names of the following champions. No championship team names during the 1928-29 to the 1953-54 season are currently written on the Cup.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (part 3)

5.) Czech Extraliga (Tipsport Extraliga)

The Czech Extraliga is one of the most fierceful professional ice hockey leagues in Europe and is currently rated by the IIHF as the third strongest and popular ice hockey league in Europe. The league was also established in 1993 and the Czech’s have a lot to offer for in terms of talent contributed to the NHL.

Players from the Czech Republic work their way to the NHL every year and many of those players have had opportunity at playing in the Czech Extraliga. There are currently 50-plus Czech players in the National Hockey League including Thomas Hertl, Vladimir Sobotka and Pavel Zacha playing for NHL rosters, it is obvious that the Czech Republic and the Czech Extraliga is home for nurturing talented all-around hockey players.

4.) SM-liiga

Finland’s top professional ice-hockey league is SM-liiga, and considered by the IIHF as the second popular league in Europe. Hockey’s popularity in Finland has rapidly growth at the international level with viewership, support, and the level of hockey play. In the 2014 Olympic games in Soichi, Russia, Finland won the bronze medal, defeated the US squad with the final result 5-0.

The SM-liiga has been growing since it took over hockey responsibilities in Finland from the SM-sarja in 1975 by churning out NHL-caliber talent. The Finnish league is consists of 14 teams that compete for one of ten playoff position in a span of 60 regular season games, with the best six teams entering the quarter-final stage. The Czech Extraliga and SM-liiga use the same format as the 7th-10th teams compete with each other for an opportunity to compete with one of the 6 quarter-final contestants.

The SM-liiga also contributes a considerable number of stars players to the NHL and some of Finland’s most highly talents such as Mikael Granlund and Teemu Pulkkinen. Talented NHLers such as Aleksander Barkov, Sami Vatanen and Rasmus Ristolainen are all nurtured by the SM-liiga and the future of the league is as bright as ever since it keeps nurturing such amazing stars.

Putin’s hockey team wins big on Red Square

The hockey team of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu won 8-5 in a match on Wednesday night, December 25, on Red Square (Moscow).

Putin’s teammates are Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, veterans and former athletes who participated in the North American National Hockey League (NHL) such as Pavel Bure, Valeri Kamensky, Sergei Fedorov, Alexei Kasatonov.

Putin’s opponents are dressed in white, including Governor Tula – Alexei Dyumin, businessman Gennady Timchenko, Vladimir Potanin, Roman Rotenberg, jazz saxophonist Igor Butman, Governor of Moscow – Andrei Vorobyev.

At the end of the match, Putin’s team won an overwhelming 8-5 victory. In particular, more than half of the goals scored by the Russian President.

During the half-time break, Putin leisurely drank tea. At the end of the match, he took a souvenir photo with the players on both teams.

Night hockey was established a few years ago on the initiative of Russian President Putin.

Accordingly, hockey enthusiasts will gather at the ice rink in their free time, usually late at night, to relieve stress.

The Russian leader first appeared in an ice hockey match in 2012, just hours after taking office.

Since then, Putin has participated in the tournament every year. The most recent match of the Russian President took place on December 29, 2018, on Red Square. In it, Putin scored an opening goal to help his team win 14-10 before the opponent.

In an interview with American director Oliver Stone in 2017, President Putin joked that he wanted to become an ice hockey player after the end of his term.

The 65-year-old president said he started to learn to skate five years ago and was able to play hockey. However, the beginning time was very difficult because he could not even stand on skates.

“I want to participate in a professional hockey tournament when I am less responsible for the current affairs,” Putin said during a meeting with some famous people in Kazan, the capital of The Republic of Tatarstan belongs to Russia.

The Russian leader also admitted that he had a lot of work to do, so he could not wholeheartedly pursue his passion for the sport.

President Putin has long admired many people not only as a talented politician but also as a person who is very good at sports and the only president in the world who has the title and rank of all three leading martial arts.

American hockey team reminiscent of miracle on ice

The US hockey team made a mark with a 3-2 victory over their Russian rivals in the group stage.

Striker T. J. Oshie scored the decisive point in the shootout after the two teams drew 2-2 in three rounds.

This victory helped the US team to surpass Russia itself to lead Group A. The US had 8 points after 3 wins, 3 points more than Russia.

The dramatic chase at the Bolshoy Gymnasium reminds of the glorious moment of the US team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. The USA team consisted of amateur players and members of several universities defeated the number one candidate for the championship was the Soviet Union with a score of 4-3. Legendary coach Herb Brooks and his students later defeated Finland to win the gold medal.

With the circular format at the time, the Soviet Union won silver for winning against Sweden. However, this is considered one of the biggest failures of the birch country hockey team in the Winter Olympics. Earlier, the Soviet Union won 6 gold medals in the 7 Winter Olympics held. The famous journalist who studied the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Vladimir Pozner once said: “If the Soviet Union did not win the gold hockey, the Olympics no longer matter to them.”

The difference in force correlation before the game added to the surprise of the US victory, to the point that experts simultaneously called this match the miracle on ice.

Sports Illustrated chose miracles on the ice as one of the most impressive moments of 20th-century sports. Whereas the World Hockey League chose this to be the most memorable story of hockey last century.

The Soviet Union continued to maintain its number one position in hockey until it disbanded in 1991. They did not lose any matches in the world championships until 1985 and did not lose to the United States until 1991.

Army victories cannot carry the national flag at the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Russian hockey team won the Olympic gold medal of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, beating the German team in extra time in the final. However, they had to celebrate their victory under the Olymic flag – the flag for free athletes.

The hockey final of the 2018 Winter Olympics took place on February 25 in Gangneung, South Korea. The outstanding Russian athletes scored for the home team and became the team to win the gold medal in this sport. The silver medal went into the hands of the German national team, and the bronze medal for the Canadian team won third place after beating the Czech team.

This is the first victory of the Russian national team at the Olympic Games. In 1992, the Soviet team won a gold medal. The Soviet national team has a total of 7 victories in the Olympics.

For Russian athletes, this is the second gold medal at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Previously, 15-year-old Alina Zagitova, figure skater, was the first person to bring the gold medal to the Russian Olympic team at the 2018 Winter Olympics.


She won a total of 239.57 points through two compulsory and self-examination. by. Zagitova’s achievement is better than compatriot Evgenia Medvedeva, who won the world twice.

Hockey and figure skating are key competitions of the 2018 Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The 2018 Winter Olympics is a memorable tournament for the Russian delegation, because they do not play in the national name but must play in the name of free athletes. Therefore, the moment of honoring the winner in Russian sports competitions is made under the Olympic flag.

With the IOC’s decision, Russian officials were not invited to the 2018 Winter Olympics, nor did the Russian national anthem and flag appear at the opening ceremony or during the Games. Not only must not march under the Russian flag, if any Russian athlete wins a medal, the Olympic song, instead of the Russian national anthem, is played when they stand on the podium to receive the award.

The Russian hockey team defeated the German team

The Russian hockey team won the Olympic gold medal of the Olympics at Pyeongchang, defeating the German team in the extra time of the final.

At the Winter Olympics hockey is the most exciting subject and it is similarly interested in football in the summer olympics game. In a tournament where Russian teams were banned from doping, Russian athletes brought the fans joy by crowned at hockey.

Thus, the silver medal went into the hands of the German national team, and the bronze medal for the Canadian team took third place after beating the Czech national team (6:04).

This is the first victory of the Russian national team at the Olympic Games: in 1992, the unified team won the gold medal, and in the account of the Soviet national team had seven victories in the Olympics. . The best result of the German national team at the Olympics is the bronze medal.

For Russian athletes, this is the second gold medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Striker Nikita Gusev became the best scorer of the Olympics 2018. In 6 matches, he scored 12 points (4 goals and 8 passes effectively), second place was the striker. Lan Eli Tolvanen with 9 points (3 + 6).

In the list of the best scorers in the tournament, two Russian athletes Ilya Kovalchuk and Kaprizov, shared with American athlete Ryan Donato (five goals each), Gusev also became the best player. of the tournament. Kovalchuk is also recognized as the most valuable player in the Olympic hockey tournament.

In the final, Russia won 4-3 Germany with suffocation. This match, Russia lead 1-0 in the first half but Germany equalized 1-1 in the second half. In the third half, Russia led 2-1 minutes 54 but 10 seconds after Germany removed 2-2. Germany led 3-2 on 57 minutes and seemed to have a gold medal, then in the last 60 minutes Russia equalized 3-3. In extra time, Russia scored 4-3 at the last minute to get a gold medal.