Many amateur players have to invest in their own equipment, and for many middle and lower class citizens, this is bad news in terms of finance.

In basketball, the first thing players need is a decent court. The ideal floor is made of concrete and is polished, but if you’re short on a budget then any type of floor will work. Even a grass field can be acceptable, although traction is inhibited. A decent basketball can cost approximately $10 to $60. You can choose to spending at $40 on the ball at the beginning. The basketball hoops cost a maximum of $40 as well, though any decent price would be $35 or lower. Apart from that, additional safety pads cost under $15 per player, though if you’re short on budget this can easily be eliminated. The most important thing you need is a decent pair of outdoor basketball shoes, which costs from $60.

For ice hockey, the budget is a bit higher. For one thing, this game cannot be played on any common field like grass or concrete. Players need a special polished and closely monitored pristine ice surface to play. Naturally, these surfaces can be found over water surfaces such as lakes and pounds, but we are strongly opposed playing there. The thin sheet of ice makes it too dangerous. Renting an arena is the best choice, which it can cost a fortune. Hockey sticks cost about $25, while a single puck is usually as cheap as a dollar or two. But the expensive part is the pads to protect chest, torso, knees, elbows, etc.

Payment and Success

If you choose to take the sport seriously and professionally, you should understand about the scope and payment that you’ll be getting.

The starting salary for the NBA is around $500,000 per season. Amateur leagues can pay as much as $2,500, and even some official high school and college leagues pay based on short-term contract.

For ice hockey, the scope is even less. The NHL and Olympics are the most important events, but it takes a lot of skill and strategy to qualify. The money paid out is also a bit less. The minimum income of an NHL player is somewhere close to $50,000 or $60,000, although the highest paid can get up to $2.5 million per season. Many high school associations also pay based on stipends.


Both sport require a lot of physical abilities. Running around while dodging opponents and concentrating on the goal is not a simple task. If you are physically inadequate to run for long periods of time or get exhausted easily, continuing can be a hard. And if you have a short stature, then you should try something else.

Besides, with ice hockey, a lot of technical skill in ice skating is necessary. Not everyone is able to master that. It’s about learning to master an entirely different sport just to be able to play it. If you cannot even stand on ice skates, then don’t even think about mastering it. Apart from that, most of the game requires skill and strategy.

Safety Measures

As mentioned earlier, basketball requires lesser safety precautions in comparison to ice hockey. It has nothing to do with the legs; hence, leg injuries and tripping over is uncommon. The most essential gear that a basketball player may wear is a knee or shoulder pad. But a helmet is not necessary..

Getting hit by a basketball can be pretty harsh, but it isn’t too serious. Moreover, the game can put pressure on the legs and the body, so you need to train for a good physique. But if you are capable of running a mile or two, the game shouldn’t be a problem.

In comparison to that, ice hockey requires the player to be fully equipped with protection gear such as padding, torso pads, helmets, and gloves. As slipping on annice floor is more than common and can cause a lot of injuries. In case, a player get run over by another player, both of them will need medical care. In addition to that, the puck is a solid hard rubber object which is being hit around the field at high velocities. If being hit, it could leave a bruise, break a bone or worse. The hockey sticks are also pretty hard, and a single hit can be devastating.


Time Parameters

One of the biggest factors to consider which sport to play is the timing. While the timing can be applied to anywhere within an hour, most professional and amateur players have set timings for the games.

In basketball, the match lasts around 48 minutes, divided into four games of 12-minute periods. Between the periods, there is a total 15-minute short break. Professional leagues such as the NBA and NWBL and many amateur leagues apply the time parameters mentioned above. However, due to stoppages include fouls and out-of-bounds, the game may last up to approximately 2.5 hours. High school basketball matches usually last up to 1.5 hours.

The same cannot be applied to ice hockey. While the actual play time is 60 minutes, two 15-minute breaks and multiple stoppages for score counting and umpiring increase the length of the game to up to 2 hours. The game is divided into three 20-minute intervals, with two breaks in between.

Most leagues typically organize this game anywhere between September and April. However, the joy of ice skating can still be enjoyed even in the summertime.


Although comprehending the rules can be easy, actually playing the game is a lot more difficult. In this aspect, we find basketball is easier, though both have their challenges.

In basketball, the players may or may not wear special knee and elbow pads for protection. Tripping in the court is a bit uncommon, as the game is usually played by hands. But some players prefer to get extra safety measures. The game itself is pretty easy with every player run while holding a ball in their hands, trying to throw in opponents’ goal. But that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t need strategy and hard work. Still, we agree that basketball is a bit less challenging.

Interesting facts of ice hockey (Part 1)

Ice hockey is a very ancient and famous sport, it is obvious there are some interesting facts and legends accompany this game and its players. This article contains the most interesting facts about the game of ice hockey.

The origins of ice hockey is unclear until this day. Different from other popular sports, there are various versions and assumption of origins of ice hockey and history of modern ice hockey. There are people believes that it origins from Europe; however others believes that Europeans were inspired by Native Americans. Also there is version claimed that as none of the games played before 1800s; hence, it can’t be considered as the ancestor of modern ice hockey.
The first game of ice hockey was organized  in 1875 in Montreal, Canada with only two teams of nine players each taking part in this competition and they were students from the same university.
Until today, Canada is regarded as the birthplace and home of ice hockey. The Hockey Hall of Fame is situated in Toronto, Canada. Also many world famous hockey players come from Canada. Although nowadays many other countries have improved their ranking and their ability in ice hockey, Canada is still the world leader.
Since 1914 the most prestigious achievement in professional hockey game is the Stanly Cup which has been organized and awarded every year, except two years of 1919 and 2005. In 1919 it was cancelled due to the epidemic of Spanish flu, which also affected the players of Montreal Canadian team. In 2005 the season was simply cancelled.

There are lots of accidents in Stanly Cup such as one time, the cup was accidentally left by the side of the road or being thrown into a swimming pool and even being lost in an airport. Despite all of that, the cup is still honored as a prestigious award of the best hockey team.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues (Part 3)

Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)

The DEL was established in 1994-1995 and was consisted of teams from the Ice Hockey Bundesliga’s first and second division. In the early day, the league received controversies as many teams were heavily in debt and some clubs were required to fold. Furthermore, rulings by the European Court of Justice allowed players to move quite frequently between teams and attendance numbers declined sharply at the turn of the new millennium.

However, the league regained its popularity as it got an influx of NHL players during the 2004-2005 and re-applied the use of the relegation system to put more emphasis on plays in the second division of the Ice Hockey’s Bundesliga. Since the 2001-2002 season, championship play has been under controlled by Eisbaren Berlin as they achieved 5 championships in 10 years. In recent years, the EHC Red Bull Munchen have fought their way to the top of the league, achieving three straight championships.

While the DEL is still working on marking its footprint in the hockey landscape, it’s difficult not to like German hockey. As we found in their unexpected turn to the Silver Medal in the 2018 Olympics, Germany is developing a strong and passionate fan base with the ability of competing with the best teams in the world.

National League A (NLA)

The National League A (NLA) is based in Switzerland It is the top tier of the Swiss hockey league, with the best attendance figures for European hockey clubs in 2016-17, thanks to its spacious (17,131 capacity) stadium with the capacity of averaged 16,399 spectators each game.

The NLA has 12 teams that make up a total of 50 games in a season, after which the top eight teams are selected for the playoffs. The bottom four teams are set into a consolation bracket of sorts and the leading team from the National League B is given an opportunity to vie for NLA inclusion.

Ice Hockey vs. Field Hockey

It is not hard to determine the major differences between ice hockey and field hockey which is the surface on which the games are organized. The differences, however, go beyond the ground surface which may not be clear even to the uninitiated hockey fan.

Origins. The Loudon Field Hockey Association claims the origins of field hockey dated back 4,000 years, due to evidences from drawings on an ancient tomb in the Nile Valley. In which, ancient Aztecs, Greeks and Romans played similar forms of field hockey. The modern version came to popularity in the mid-19th century in Great Britain with the first international competition took place in 1895. The first official ice hockey rules were recorded on the other side of the Atlantic in Montreal in 1877, with the first official league was not established until over a decade later.

Participants. Ice hockey consist of six players per team at a time: three forwards, two defensemen and a goalie while field hockey allows up to 11 players to compete: five forwards, three halves, two backs and a goalie, depending on the level of play and coaching strategy. Field hockey is played in more than 70 countries around the world but unable to compare with the popularity of ice hockey.

Equipment. The basic objective of both game is the same as hitting an object into the opponent’s net. However, the equipment to shoot the object, the object itself and the nets, are different. A field hockey goal made of two 7-foot high posts spaced 12 feet wide while an ice hockey goal is 4 feet high and 6 feet apart. Field hockey strikes a ball while ice hockey hits a puck by curved sticks of differing strength. Due to the physical element in ice such as body checking, ice hockey players wear much more equipment. The hardness of an ice hockey surface, puck and the rapid speed involved with ice skates over shoes make ice hockey a faster-paced sport.

Time and place. An ice hockey game last 60-minute of 3 matches and is organized on an ice-covered surface of varying sizes while a field hockey game match has two 35-minute halves and is organized on a 60-by-100-yard grass field.

Ice hockey – one of the most popular sports in the United States

Ice hockey is also one of the favorite sports in America. Ice hockey is a team sport played on the ice, in which participants use their skateboarding sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s net.

Ice hockey is most common in areas that are cold enough to form a seasonal ice sheet with natural safety, such as in Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the region are located in the northern latitudes of the United States.

In North America, the National Hockey League is the top division for men. Both the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and the Western Women’s Hockey League are the highest prizes for women. This is Canada’s official national winter sport, in which ice hockey is very popular and popular. In the US, this sport is also quite popular and also brings success to this country in continental tournaments.

Besides ice hockey, baseball is also one of the most popular sports in the US, baseball makes people remember America more than football. Baseball is played well by people of average height and weight.

 Major League Baseball (MLB) is the professional sports organization for baseball and is also the oldest of the four major professional sports federations in the United States and Canada. Major League Baseball has a total of 30 teams. These 30 teams are divided into 2 different tournament systems, American League (AL, roughly translated as the American League) and National League (NL, roughly translated as National League) with 15 teams for each tournament.

Teams will play a total of 162 games in a season, and the 5 teams with the best results in each league will advance to Postseason, a knockout round. The AL and NL tournaments will select two champions to compete for the final round of the World Series, the tournament to find the final winner of the year. For a long time, Major League Baseball has become an integral part of American culture.

Calculation of ice hockey scores for new players

If you are a sports enthusiast, you will not be able to skip such a special sport. Since its inception, hockey has attracted a large number of lovers. The following article will guide you on how to calculate ice hockey scores for new players.

Ice hockey results play an important role in determining which team wins or loses. Before we learn how to calculate hockey scores, we have to know a little about hockey as well as the rules and play of this unique sport.

Hockey is a sport born in the 19th century. In the game, players often use a stick to hit the ball, when the ball into the goal will be scored. Hockey is quite popular in Western countries and is chosen by nations to be a sport that represents the whole country.

In hockey, there are two teams competing. Each team will have 6 members competing together. In the past, hockey regulation usually took place in 3 rounds, 20 minutes each and the last round was hockey finals. Currently, this rule has changed, players will be playing in 4 rounds, each round takes place only for 15 minutes, between the halves will be off for two minutes.

Doing so will help the players to maintain the best fitness when participating in live matches. In addition, the world hockey organization decided it was no extra time if the teams played together. Scoreboard hockey, the Olympic ice hockey outcome depends on the matches played for 60 minutes.

A normal team will have about 10 people, including 6 people participating in the main competition and the remaining 4 people will sit on the bench. Teams will have the right to make unlimited substitutions but the person who has left the field will not be allowed to return to the field during that match. A hockey game will last 60 minutes and be divided into 4 rounds. After the first half, without inconclusive, it will continue into extra time with a time of 7.5 minutes. Finally, the penalty shootout.

Đây là bộ môn thể thao của sức hút rất lớn đối với người hâm mộ

Calculation of hockey scores on ice hockey

Ice hockey results based on the number of goals scored by each team. During the match, the team scoring the opponent’s goal will count as one point. So on until the end of the game, the party with the highest number of goals will be the winner.

You will have to use hockey sticks and put the ball into the opponent’s circle. Only then can the points be counted. Ice hockey finals will usually take place within 60 minutes, the team with the most goals will be the winner. Viewers can live hockey on the ice during the track.

If the two teams finish 60 minutes and still cannot decide to win, the two sides will continue to play extra time. Each extra time takes 7.5 minutes, after the extra time and both teams still draw, they will go into the penalty shootout. The two teams will take a penalty shootout until they win the final.

Field hockey scores are calculated similarly to the ice hockey scores. Based on the final result the referee will make the final winner.

So, you all know how to calculate ice hockey scores, right? Hopefully, the above information will be useful for those new to hockey.

Hockey player resolves conflict with the UFC Cup

Holden Anderson, ice hockey player of Amiens (France), is facing a heavy penalty after knocking the opponent down with a UFC strike. The match between Amiens and Bordeaux took place in the fourth series of the French ice hockey quarterfinals. Amiens was 0-2 down, but eventually won 4-3 against the home team. The match is noticeable when a collision occurs after the final whistle.

According to RT news agency, Amiens’s Holden Anderson was banned from playing by his own team because of serious injury to the opposing player Julien Desrosiers (Bordeaux) with more appearances on the martial arts floor than on hockey field.

Cau thu khuc con cau giai quyet mau thuan bang don danh UFC hinh anh 1

The clash between the two players occurred in France’s ice hockey tournament, which caused Anderson to be criticized by fans and the media for their acts. After that, he was suspended indefinitely by the team.However, sports fans demand more severe penalties for Anderson. Local media and fans of other teams all asked him not to play professional hockey for the rest of his life.

Rubbing down the opposite of Anderson made Desrosiers soon end the season when the player suffered from joint pain, shoulder and sprain. Amiens’s team must receive additional penalties from the tournament organizers.

Ice hockey is known to be a sport of many violent situations on the pitch, especially in the United States when fans regularly witness the kicking of players, even using sticks to hand out.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Soon after, at the age of 14, Felipe Anderson took part in a trial to play in Santos. He performed a great football game. With his talent, Felipe has jumped a career in his career. He is the top scorer, shirt 10 and captain of the youth team Santos.

He was called up to play Brazil’s U-18 and U-20 national teams and was the champion of the international Copa America tournament held in Argentina. In 2016, he was summoned by Rogerio Micale and became part of the Brazilian team in the 2016 Olympic Games and won a gold medal.

President Putin wants to become a hockey player after the end of his term

Putin is world famous for his strong, healthy, stylish and sporty politician image. From a famous passion for judo and karate to mountain skiing, hiking and even racing – the Russian leader has a perfect and excellent figure in many sports. A little-known fact of childhood Vladimir Putin does not love Russian traditional music. Perhaps that is why the future president receives sports instead of music.

In an interview with American director Oliver Stone in 2017, President Putin joked that he wanted to be an ice hockey player after the end of his term. The 65-year-old president revealed that he started learning to skate five years ago and was able to play hockey. However, the initial time was very difficult because he could not even stand on skates.

“I want to take part in a professional hockey tournament when I’m less responsible for current affairs,” Putin said in a meeting with some of the celebrities in Kazan, the capital of Republic of Tatarstan in Russia.

The Russian leader also acknowledged that he currently has a lot of work to do, so he cannot wholeheartedly pursue his passion for the sport. President Putin has long admired many people not only as a talented politician but also known as a very good sportsman and the only president in the world to have the belt and rank of all three top martial arts in the world.

Despite being busy with thousands of jobs, most of the years he participated in friendly hockey matches with professional athletes. He used to play with the number 11.

The Russian leader also took the initiative to establish the Night Hockey Federation, a project to popularize hockey in Russia and attract elderly people to the ice rink to play the sport after hours. work.