Mark Stone – Gold Knight standard

Mark Stone, Vegas’s Golden Knight throughout the season. In his career, Stone made great changes for the team he played with 28 goals, 34 assists and scored 62 points. Almost no Vegas player has more than 20 goals, 27 assists or 43 points.

McPhee said. “We face some very good young players. And can make transactions to bring them back to play for us. We will negotiate again this summer and see if we can find some more gems. “

Stone is a diamond, a jewel in the crown. He had 311 points in 365 NHL matches. The number says it all, he hasn’t scored less than 20 goals in a season. “Stone is here, now and future,” McPhee said. “He’s only 26 years old.” McPhee knew Stone from the IIHF World Championship 2016. He was co-director and Stone was a player when Canada won a gold medal in Moscow.

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GM Assistant Kelly McCrimmon knows Stone from Brandon of the Western Hockey Federation. McCrimmon is the majority owner, general manager and coach when Stone played there since December 2008.

McPhee praised how Stone could play in every situation – overtime, playing power, punishing, leading the defense, catching up, playing and scoring. “We believe he is one of the most comprehensive players in the NHL and helps make our team better. He is a good player you can find in this sport. He can play both on ice and on ice.”

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The most significant comment was given at the end of McPhee’s press conference. This is a player who deserves to be the Golden Knight, the player they have been looking for so far. “We start every day by putting our blueprints up,” McPhee said. “What are our goals a few years ago? What are we trying to do at the moment? That’s a good reminder and people look at it to know what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Jacques Plante that’s founder of ice hockey

Jacques Plante’s full name is Joseph Jacques Omer Plante and he was dubbed the “revolutionary” of ice hockey because he was the first to make improvements to the sport and help hockey. The tape is more popular. In 2017, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was named one of the “100 Greatest Ice Hockey Players” in history.

Jacques Plante is not the first goalkeeper to wear a mask in hockey. Elizabeth Graham goalkeeper of the Queen’s Golden Gaels women’s hockey team was the first to use this sport mask in 1927.

But Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first goalkeeper to make it more popular and at the same time he developed and tested many different aspects to match this sport, moreover, under support Supported by other hockey experts, he developed the first type of mask that became the forerunner of the type of mask associated with helmets that we often see today.

He was also the first hockey goalkeeper to regularly guide and cheer his fellow attackers when he was on duty to defend the goal. Read more Jacques Plante with the journey to bring the goalkeeper mask into hockey. During 10 years of playing for Montreal Canadiens, he and his teammates made Montreal Canadiens honored the “Dream Team” in 1985.

With a total of 437 matches during the 28 years of his career as an ice hockey goalkeeper, Jacques Plante ranked seventh among NHL goalkeepers in history. Ice hockey developed from Canada – is a fighting sport on ice.

Each team will have 6 players, including goalkeeper. A team will have a maximum of 20 players per match registered, including 2 goalkeepers.A match will consist of 3 rounds, 20 minutes each, the time of death will be 15 minutes. The game field is 61m long, 30m wide, will consist of 3 areas including 2 defensive areas of each team and midfield.

In each defensive area there will be 2 small circles for defensive players.This subject speed is very high, can reach more than 180km for hour. There will be a piece of hard rubber called a snow ball and two teams will use a stick to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Athletes will wear protective gear on the head, shoulders, gloves, especially the goalkeeper has a shin guard. Different from grass hockey, ice hockey does not limit the number of substitutions.