Explore some interesting things about hockey

The sport of rollerblading has been present in the world for a long time and became a favorite passion for many young people.

Especially among the types of rollerblading, Hockey is a genre that attracts a lot of people because it shows the fighting ability and teamwork when participating.

Hokey is a fighting sport that not only requires players to have ingenuity and perseverance when practicing but also requires teamwork and tactics during competition.

You can imagine that Hokey is similar to football, there will be 2 teams using sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal but all members must wear skates to move. Hokey is very similar to hockey, but Hokey’s terrain is not ice skating rinks but wide, flat playgrounds and roller skates.

Participants must ensure full protection on their faces: Helmets with face-shields, full-body protective gear, clothing, canes, balls, and subjects. When participating in this game, you will have your own unique techniques and tactics.

First of all, as you know to play any type of rollerblading we need a pair of quality shoes as well as suitable for the type we have chosen. On the market today, there are many reputable and quality roller skate companies you should consider and learn carefully before buying to own a sturdy pair of shoes, providing safety and efficiency when playing.

After choosing a quality shoe, you must pay attention to safety when playing patin. Make sure before joining Hokey training or competition you must have a full helmet with a face shield to avoid sticks or balls hit the face, body protection kit, pads, hands, feet, gloves, elbow.

Not anyone who is proficient in patin can join the hokey genre right away because this is the type that needs quick movement, accurate polishing and sharp eyes to pass the ball to teammates. It’s not just the use of a foot like regular rollerblading, it also has to be combined with both hands and eyes so you need to practice patience, careful if you want to participate and play this genre professionally.