Sister Chantal and her passion for hockey

In addition to karate, Sister Chantal is another favorite sport is hockey. To her teammates, the nun affectionately referred to as “Sis-TER”.

According to the Montreal Gazette, every Sunday night, the nun Chantal Desmarais put on the competition uniform bearing number 7, representing the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

An avid fan of the Montreal team, she strives for the performance of one of her favorite players, Brendan Gallagher. She is very good at technical spleen to avoid the chase of defenders to face the goalkeeper directly. Sr. Chantal did not hesitate to pass the ball to his teammates, nor did he care about not scoring in a few matches, as long as he still played well. After all, the score is rarely a major problem in the federation consisting of only three teams, although the two leading teams have a habit of showing their score in the final. Sister Chantal said her team won a few times but didn’t care about counting the number of wins: “The purpose of sport is to free people, not to put more pressure on you”.

Striker Diane Laporte, an architect in the ordinary days, played on the same line as the nun Chantal, but also faced the Sister while competing in the federation. Ms. Laporte said: “She is extremely fast and extremely active, and always explodes on ice”. Sr. Chantal is only 1m62 tall but weighs 63.5 kg. The nun recalls: “My physical condition was quite strong, so every time I plunged into the boards along the border, people kept thinking I broke myself in half. But I jumped up and continued to play as if nothing happened”. Therefore, in the team, Pionnières often joked that it was these boards that were unlucky to be slammed into.

For Laporte’s teammate, Sister Chantal was rarely punished for playing, except for one time that everyone remembered. When a TV news team came to record Pionnières’ match with the goal of dialing 7 of the team during the competition, a cameraman suggested a player of your team pretend to fall to the nun.

Growing up in the St-Hubert area of ​​South Shore in Montreal, she can play ice skating wherever she likes, on the school’s ice rink, the street or the path, imagining herself as the idol Yvan pheasant Cournoyer, the right flanker, was small but at a frightening pace since the 1960s and 1970s.

For Sister Chantal, it was not unusual for a nun to teach punching or skating on the net against a net. “Maybe some people think these sports seem extreme, but what we do is not as important as how we do it”, the nun concluded.