The Sabres Lose on Opening Night

The Buffalo Sabres managed to lose their first match of the NHL regular season. For the sixth consecutive season, the Buffalo Sabres are defeated during their opening game, this time around by the Boston Bruins in a devastating 4-0 at the KeyBank Center stadium. David Pastrnak, Ryan Donato, and Zdeno Chara scored for the Boston Bruins, while goaltender Jaroslav Halak managed to turn away every single shot he faced which was 32 in total.

Buffalo Sabres Experience a Devastating Start

After a month of optimism and anticipation, the Sabres were completely unsuccessful during the first 20 minutes of the game. In all honesty, they looked like the Buffalo Sabres who managed to finish with the worst record during the 2017/18 NHL season.

On the first goal from Boston, Zdeno Chara basically strolled down the ice where he fired a wrist shot past Carter Hutton who is the new goaltender for the Sabres. With the second Boston goal, the Bruins had the advantage with Brad Marchand making another incredible pass who funny enough assisted with the first goal as well. Nonetheless, the Buffalo Sabres need faster starts otherwise they are in for yet another horrible season where they are going to lose loads of hockey games.

Rasmus Dahlin Makes His Debut

For most of the opening game, Rasmus Dahlin was one of the better Sabre players against the Bruins. During his debit, he joined the rush, was extremely physical, and made a few great defensive plays. His passes were tape-to-tape and crisp, and he made great decisions which is exactly what you want from a rookie. However, on the third goal from the Bruins, Tage Thompson and Rasmus Dahlin allowed David Pastrnak to slip behind them which led to an easy goal.

There were also a couple of times that the 18-year old appeared to be over anxious in an attempt to make a play. Most of the time, the best thing a defenseman can do is perform a boring, simple play. However, there were also moments of incredible talent that came from the Swedish rookie, and as the season advances, we’ll certainly see more of these moments. In all honesty, it was up and down for Dahlin during his debut for the Buffalo Sabres.

Numbers Don’t Provide the Full Story

If you only take into account the stat line from Carter Hutton following his first game with the Buffalo Sabres, you will obviously think he had a terrible opening night. However, despite taking the loss after allowing three goals, Hutton had loads of big saves to ensure the Sabres remain in striking distance, especially when you look at the first two periods. To be fair, Hutton didn’t receive much assistance during the Sabres debut, and as far as problematic players are concerned, Hutton is far down the list.

Buffalo Sabres Need To Relax

Although Thursday night was quite concerning its definitely not the end of the world. The Buffalo Sabres still have plenty of opportunities to make up for their opening loss this season. Let’s give them another chance and see what happens.