What are hockey and the origin of hockey history?

Football, basketball or baseball is a sport played on hard ground. And for hockey players must combine both speed and agility to be able to play on a large ice platform. So what is hockey specific? What was the history of hockey?

What is hockey? Most of it is a fairly new concept to us. It is a team sports content, there are two teams arranged to compete with each other. The two teams try to control a ball or a round platter and worship the opponent’s net with a hockey stick. When the ball enters the opponent’s net it will be matched.

Hockey is a popular sport for both men and women. But usually, this sport has more male participation. Field hockey matches can take place on sanded or graveled grounds or may be played on natural or artificial turf surfaces. Teams use hockey balls with a fairly small diameter of 73mm.

Boat racing game on land is a popular game in folk. Join us to learn about this interesting game! Usually, this sport divides into two teams playing boys and girls on the same team or competing boys and girls. Hockey is popular in areas such as Europe, Asia, South Africa,…

Athletes playing ice hockey must be technically more difficult than hockey on grass. Athletes competing in this content of the two teams must wear a pair of ice skates to be able to compete directly on the flat ice. Athletes must make a rubber ball with a diameter of 76.2mm into the opponent’s net.

To compete well in this content, athletes must use a lot of skills including skills standing on large ice, plus speed and agility to be able to control the game themselves.

The hockey player seems to be the most beautiful among professional athletes. The players competed with the spirit of winning, watching them play on such a slippery ice platform to see how brave they were. They really look like giant teddy bears out of the ice.